Feeling Better. Sort Of.

Lion says he feels better. Sure. Right. He’s currently snoozing beside me. I don’t think I was quite as sick as he was. I did zonk out in bed Friday afternoon for a few hours, and we had a who-has-the-higher-fever contest, but he’s been zonked more than I have.

I finally had a whole day that we didn’t run errands. A day to vegetate. And I was too sick to enjoy it. Today we think we need to do laundry. I’m probably using the last of my morning energy writing this. I don’t know if Lion will have enough oomph after his nap to do it.

Needless to say, neither of us is concerned with sex or play. By default, Lion has waited a few more days. Effortlessly. That’s really the only way either of us can do anything right now. And, as predicted, I’m starting to fade. [Lion – I woke up and read this. We will be lucky to feed ourselves today. Mrs. Lion is taking care of me despite being sick. I thought I was getting better. Sadly, I’m not.]

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    Don’t push things too quickly… Take the time and get the rest needed to recover. All the best to the two of you!

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