There’s been a bit of lion poking in our comments. Normally, I just disregard attacks from unknown people. Sometimes I growl a bit. I try to keep the defensiveness down, but at times I just need to express myself. It’s good for my blood pressure. So far, Mrs. Lion is good with an occasional growl as long as I don’t growl at her.

Some people have a near-religious belief in the sanctity of the use of submissive and dominants as nouns. Apparently, to them, you are either a dominant or a submissive. The problem with that is it simply isn’t true. Both words are adjectives, not nouns. I am me. I may be dominant sometimes and submissive others. That is true of all of us. I behave submissively with Mrs. Lion. Well, I don’t always behave submissively with her. Sometimes my excursions into equality or dominant behavior need correction. She is extremely good at providing it.

The point is that I am not submissive with anyone else. I don’t have my nickname (lion) because I am a shrinking violet. I am the principal contributor to a site devoted to domination. But I’m not a dominant or submissive. I am a person, or around here, a lion. I am a male. I am a blogger. But I am not a submissive or a dominant. No one is. Absolutely everyone, even people who identify as being submissive all the time, really aren’t. They have jobs where they lead. They feel no need to obey any stranger who wants to boss them around. They submit to people they choose.

Since the earliest days of the Internet there have been people whose experience with power exchange is purely online. These people began creating and believing labels that are inaccurate. The most egregious are “dom” and “sub” as nouns. These words, at best, refer to roles that people sometimes have. But the people themselves are far more complex.

So, to set the record straight once again, I am submissive to Mrs. Lion who is my keyholder and my disciplining wife; no one else. I think this is true of most of the guys doing enforced chastity and FLR. I don’t know anyone who is submissive to everybody, or for that matter, dominant to everyone. I thought I was done with this “debate” decades ago. Apparently not. Many people are very imprecise with their use of language. I think that precision in this case is very important. ‘Nuff said.

On a completely different subject, Mrs. Lion and I discussed her post published yesterday. In it, she talked about the next time I might have an orgasm. My last one was a bonus on February 25. She wrote that the earliest I might get my next one would be March 11; a wait of fifteen days. She mentioned that wasn’t all that long and is only a week from today. We looked at how many I have had this year so far: nine. That comes out to about one  a week. She noted that seemed excessive. 2.0 is clearly not impressed by such ejaculate frequency. Her birthday is next week and we are going out on March 11. That means she will probably be tired and full and disinclined to get me off on the 11th.

In my mind, I heard 2.0 say, “You know, it’s only another two weeks until the end of the month. Why don’t we have a semen-free March?” That was in my imagination. I groaned when I thought of it. If she waits until April 1st, I would have waited 36 days. A record for me. 2.0 is capable of anything. Based on her response last night, she will avoid weekly frequency. Will it be fortnightly, or <gasp> monthly? I  suppose it could be less than 12 a year. Who knows what 2.0 will do? I don’t think she does.

The problem for me is that there is no way for me to prepare for the worst. It’s not like my libido will retire to a back room until I finally get to squirt. 2.0 makes a point of nearly-nightly edging that assures the hormones keep flowing and my hopes keep rising, only to be dashed when she says, “Not tonight.”

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    I agree 100%. My wife is the only one I am submissive to. In the rest of my life I dominant!

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