Lion is Back

My Lion is back on the prowl. Not that he’s wild. He’s just ready for play. I knew he would be. Sometimes he just needs a little break.

I reminded him he’s eligible for orgasm at any time now that it’s past the 29th. Since he hasn’t been horny, and he had a bonus orgasm not too long ago, I think he’ll be waiting a while. His next scheduled date is March 5 and the one after that is March 11. Apparently I was very generous when I made the schedule and I never changed it to reflect 2.0’s new concept that the scheduled date represents the earliest possibility Lion will have an orgasm. At this point I think he should wait till the 11th. It’s really not that far off. I know he can make it.

Last night I edged Lion but we didn’t do any sensation play. I figured since it was the first time he’s been horny in a few days, I’d take it easy on him. Not that I really took it easy on him. I edged him a bunch of times. He was ready. But no. It was not to be.

Tonight we’ll try some sensation play. Velcro? Clothespins? Perhaps. 2.0 has a lot of weapons in her arsenal. I really should go through the bags and cabinets and drag out some old stuff. Maybe this weekend. I’m not sure what I’ll find. We probably have things I’ve never seen before. Poor Lion.