One Flu Over the Lion’s Den

Lion is sick. I don’t really think he has the flu. He’s coughing and stuffy. It’s probably a cold. And I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat. It may be a slow weekend for us play-wise.

Lion’s horniness did win out over his cough last night. I put clothespins on his boobies and edged him quite a few times. It certainly took his mind off his cough. He grumbled mildly about having to wait until the 11th for a chance at an orgasm. He grumbled that it would be a long time. I reminded him about his bonus orgasm. It’s really not that long. He’s waited longer.

When I looked at my calendar, I realized that 1.0 had been very generous in assigning orgasm dates. He was scheduled for five in March and four in April. Varying lengths but it averages out to once a week. Very generous indeed. 2.0 will have to go through and adjust things a bit. 2.0 still likes to give Lion orgasms, but she’s less of a pushover than 1.0 was.

At the risk of beating a dead horse, so to speak, I’d like to revisit, yet again, the topic of Lion’s topping from the bottom and our version of FLR, which is really all it is, our version. A few people have expressed their opinions lately. If Lion comes across as arrogant it may be because he has so much experience in the community as a top. He gave lectures and taught classes. He does know what he’s talking about. That said, does that mean he never tops from the bottom? Oh hell no. He’s gotten better about it. And I’ve gotten better at dealing with it. The situation last weekend was less about topping from the bottom and more about his being out of sorts and not being into playing. Should he have sucked it up and taken whatever I did to him? To what end? Playing is for him. If he’s not enjoying it, why are we doing it? Yes, I know he doesn’t necessarily enjoy it while it’s happening, but if he is in any sort of distress, we shouldn’t be playing. I’m defining distress as emotional or physical issues that make playing at that moment no fun. And guess who gets to decide if those issues are valid reasons for not playing. Yup. Me. I’m the one with the paddles. I’m the one with the key. I’m the one who has the final say on playing. I hope this puts the subject to rest. At least for a while.

I would lay out some sort of plan for tonight, but I’m not sure either of us will feel like playing. It’s one of those times when you just want to snuggle in bed with a bowl of soup or stew and stay as warm as possible. Good thing there’s homemade soup in the freezer.