lion in his collar
I now have to wear a collar as well as being naked when at home.

Mrs. Lion and I often bounce ideas off each other here in the Journal. On Tuesday, she mentioned (post) that she can help me sleep better by working me harder. This is clearly a 2.0 concept. Tuesday night we didn’t have too much Lion activity, but she did insert the Njoy butt plug and let it soak for almost two hours. This anal attention was most welcome. Regular stretching has made insertion more comfortable; plus I like the attention.

You may have noticed a new feature here in the Journal. We’ve added a glossary feature that underlines terms we’ve defined and if you mouse over the underlined term, you see our definition of it. This feature allows us to use acronyms like FLR (try mousing over that) without worrying a reader won’t understand what it means. Some sites use this feature for advertising. We don’t. It’s here for your convenience.

While we are on the subject, you may have noticed that there is a lock symbol (in some browsers) up on the address line. We’re encrypting the Journal to help you maintain your privacy when you visit us. Addresses that begin with “https” are encrypted. Your browser handles the process. When you connect here, the pages you browse and what you are reading is private.

The latest part of my “uniform” is the “Lion” collar that 2.0 requires me to wear at home. It’s been giving me a bit of trouble when I am in bed watching TV. The angle of my head causes it to dig into my neck. It also makes it hard for me to go to sleep. Mrs. Lion has been kind enough to let me remove it for sleep or when it starts to hurt when watching TV. I assume that over time I will become used to wearing it and I won’t have to remove it except when we go out or I go to work.

The collar is the first thing I have worn that doesn’t have a practical application in enforced chastity / FLR. The chastity device has a very practical purpose and I know that Mrs. Lion won’t entertain that coming off unless she needs access or some other extenuating circumstance requires it. The collar is different. It’s a symbol of our power exchange with a little humiliation thrown in. I’m not convinced that Mrs. Lion cares whether I wear it or not. I think she has me do it because she believes I want to wear it. OK, I do.

But I wouldn’t do it if I lived alone. I also wouldn’t do it if I weren’t required to wear it. I want to be made to wear it. Mrs. Lion knows this, of course. She knows me very well. The toddler side of me wants her to want me to wear it because she likes it, not because she knows it will turn me on. Ironically, when we started enforced chastity, Mrs. Lion did it because she knew I wanted to do it. Now, I am pretty sure she does it because she likes the way it has changed things in our marriage. Me getting tired of having my cock locked up isn’t going to mean much in terms of stopping it.

That’s what I am hoping the newer FLR and domestic discipline will become too. They will be part of my life because Mrs. Lion won’t have it any other way. I know that isn’t the case now, but maybe over time Mrs. Lion will find so much value in these things that I will not be able to stop them even if I want to. Time and 2.0 will tell.




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    Perhaps it’s the type of collar that’s giving you problems. shows a wide range of collars from manufacturers and retailers around the world. They are made from many different types of materials: leather, titanium, stainless, silver, etc. Some look Iike fine jewelry and are suitable to wear in public. Go to their home page and look for the “Collars” link at the bottom of the page. Good luck. I hope you find something that’s not painful. Like Chastity devices, fit is everything.

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