Lion asked to remove his collar again last night while he was watching TV. He usually puts it back on within a short time. Last night he had it off for a while. When I asked about it he said I told him he could remove it. Then he asked if I like the collar. I don’t see it as a matter of my liking it or not. It’s part of his uniform now. He said that wasn’t an answer.

In the past he’s asked if I like spanking him. He told me when he asks that he’s looking for an affirmative answer. He wants me to be part of the “game”. But then if I say I like spanking him, he’ll say, “Really? You really do?” What am I supposed to answer? In fantasy land, yes I do. In reality, it doesn’t do anything for me. I suppose I should have told him 2.0 likes the collar and wants him to wear it. He’s unsure of 2.0 and that might have stopped the questions. Who knows what 2.0 will do if she’s questioned.

2.0 decided to use the plastic clothespins on Lion’s balls last night. They hurt more than the modified wooden clothespins. I think. He was lucky I could only find six of them when we were playing. I know there are more around. I just didn’t want to go searching. 2.0 might have to go on a shopping spree if I can’t find anymore. I was nice enough to use regular clothespins on his boobies. I was stroking him while I did these evil things to him. Mr. Weenie really likes clothespins. He stands up tall and proud. He’s not the one who’s in pain. I did offer to put some tiny clothespins on the head of his penis, but Lion declined. 2.0 thought it might have been fun, but if he doesn’t want to play along that’s fine. For now. If she really wanted those tiny clothespins on, there wouldn’t be a discussion.

I told Lion I see a butt plug and edging in his near future. No clothespins of any sort tonight. I didn’t mention anything else. I never know what 2.0 will come up with. She’s a mystery to both of us.