It’s Magic

People first starting something get so excited that they believe everyone in the world should love it too. You’ve seen it. A guy buys a chastity device and he is all over Twitter and the forums wondering why every guy in the world isn’t locked up. “Hey, I know! Let’s make a Male Chastity Day holiday. We all stay home from work and not jerk off.”

The enthusiasm is understandable. I was very excited and aroused when I discovered this kink. I didn’t feel any need to try to convert others to the cause, but I was really turned on. That was 1993. I did my normal obsessive research and actually wrote online reviews of different devices. It just never occurred to me to tell the world that locked cocks is the answer to its problems. Though maybe…

My early research testing male chastity devices informed me that they were either painful to wear or too restrictive. Also, at the time I was a practicing dominant; not the sort of situation that lends itself to me locking up my cock. About twenty years later I started thinking about enforced chastity again. This time I wasn’t a practicing dominant and had experimented on and off with being a bottom. I was excited about trying it for real this time.

There really is something different for Mrs. Lion and I about practicing enforced male chastity. It had effects far beyond the rather narrow confines of my genitals. It almost magically made our marriage better. Mrs. Lion and I both feel the change. In fact, we both wonder how, what amounts to a kink, can improve our communication and make us feel closer. I’ve had my theories which I’ve reported here. Mrs. Lion has a few of her own. Neither of us feels confident enough about any of these ideas to agree we understand what’s happening. We are certain enforced chastity is the cause. We just don’t know how it works.

We’re not alone. Others have reported similar changes in their marriages. Could it be that the secret to a happy marriage is enforced male chastity. I don’t think so. I think a marriage has to be fundamentally sound in order for enforced chastity to work. It takes a lot of trust for a guy to surrender control of his sexuality to his wife. I’m not talking about doing it for a weekend or even for a few weeks. I’m talking about a commitment to be locked and remain that way. Most of us wouldn’t give the only key to our sexual satisfaction to someone we don’t trust.

Mrs. Lion and I have been happily married for a decade. She considered my request to be locked in a chastity device to be yet another lion experiment. She unenthusiastically agreed to try it. After a month or so, we decided to make a long term agreement to continue. We would review continuing in 2016. After several months, we noticed that we had a lot more physical intimacy and less sexual stress. Gradually it became less my kink and more something we both wanted to do.

Do I think that we discovered the secret to a happy marriage? Should all husbands wear a chastity device and a wedding ring? Of course not. Can enforced male chastity make a marriage much better? Yes, it really can. Of course, I have no way to know how many long term chastity couples report improved marriages, but I know a few have. One day, maybe I will understand why it works that way.

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    My wife and I have just come to the end of our trial period of chastity. It ran two and a half months. I did feel closer to her in part because of my journal which she read and also because I had given control of my sexuality in large part to her. I’m hoping we continue but we haven’t had that conversation yet. So as such, I envy you!

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