Just a Hunch

Lion was a bit surprised when I told him I’d work at getting him horny again last night. He says I don’t usually try the day after an orgasm. Really? 2.0 may have been taking the day after off, but 1.0 always played with him. For a while he was getting play every night, and most of that play was CBT. Then he said he didn’t want so much CBT. But we still played in some capacity. Anyway, 2.0 does what she wants when she wants. The day after, the day of, whenever. She even stopped in the middle of the festivities so Lion could shower and then the fun began again. [Lion – That’s because she had my balls on fire with menthol rub and she wanted to give me an orgasm when I wasn’t in pain]

Last night started with a bit of Jeopardy “fun”. I had Lion put on the shock collar and zapped him for incorrect answers. I varied the power from time to time. If he didn’t seem to jump far enough I cranked it up a notch. If he bounced off the ceiling, I turned it down. He was never quite sure how hard he’d get zapped. 2.0 likes to keep him on his toes. [Lion – That was mostly fun. I need to improve at trivia]  After Jeopardy, he got his punishment swats. He’d reminded me earlier in the day and then forgotten until I came into the room with a paddle and grabbed the bank to see how many pennies he had. I knew it was only one but there has to be a certain ceremony of emptying it and showing him what’s inside. He wiggled a little after a few swats and said something, but he wouldn’t repeat it when I asked what it was. I’m sure it had something to do with those swats being enough. [Lion- That’s what I muttered]  But they weren’t. I gave him a few more for good measure.

Finally I unlocked him and started the horniness quest. He was having some sensitivity so I couldn’t really stroke him the way I wanted to. I did, however, manage to edge him once. I normally do more, but I’ve been thinking about varying the number of times I edge him. I usually do at least three and if he’s on a roll I do more. But there are times when I thought about doing it once. Just once. And lock him back up again. Last night I did it because he was sensitive, but I could just as easily do it when he’s very horny. I could get him all worked up, edge him once, and lock him away again. Frustrating? Good!

Now we begin our journey to his next orgasm, which will be the 20th at the earliest. I wonder if 2.0 will be as much of a pushover as 1.0 was when it comes to making Lion wait longer. So far she seems less interested in giving him bonus orgasms. I have a feeling the 20th will come and go without Lion coming or going. Just a hunch, of course.

What do you think?