Sunday Was Funday

On Saturday we took our golden retriever for a bath. She dislikes baths intensely, not so much because of the grooming and bathing, but because her collar has to come off for the work to be done. She gets very upset when she isn’t wearing her collar. She managed to brave this indignity and came home very clean. I am allergic to her dander and as a result of her sacrifice, the antihistamines have been able to control the itching.

Mrs. Lion teased me on Saturday night. I was unbelievably turned on. What wonders a dog bath can do! My lioness decided that I would remain without my cage last night. She told me that she wanted me to have a chance to get hard when I slept. I got hard more than that. On Sunday we watched our New York Giants lose by a heartbreaking field goal. After the game, Mrs. Lion led me to the dungeon and strapped me into the sling.  I was hard before she could buckle the restraints. She took advantage of the access to shave my balls and other spots showing signs of hair. Then she used a combination of metal and sandpaper-lined clothespins on my balls and nipples. The entire time she teased me. She got me very close several times. Then, after she removed the clothespins and a few more edgings, she gave me an oral orgasm.

Afterward, she said that she didn’t decide to give me the bonus orgasm until seconds before she actually did it. It was mind blowing! She left me cageless until after my shower, then back to the Jail Bird. After the fun, I made a batch of marinara sauce and Mrs. Lion baked a batch of seven-layer cookies; half to bring to work, half for us. I’m not at all sure why I got that early Christmas gift, but I am very happy with it.  It’s four days to Christmas Eve and my scheduled orgasm. Then my next is on Christmas Day. ‘Tis the season for a happy lion!

Now that Mrs. Lion has put her paw down on itching-induced grumpiness, I’m going to be a lot more careful. The relief I’ve felt since Saturday has gone a long way to restoring my optimistic good nature. If I slip, my bottom will be red and sore and will serve to remind me to remain jolly. I’m glad that Mrs. Lion will do this. I know she felt that it was unfair to punish me when I was having so much trouble. It was kind of her. But I look at this a bit differently. Punishing me even if I have a reason to be grumpy could ground me and help me rise above the discomfort.  I’ll probably think my theory is bull when that paddle starts grounding me. But I’ll be wrong.

Within the practical limits of my ability to function, actively avoiding allowing discomfort or illness get in our way has to ultimately benefit me. It’s all too easy to feel isolated by the discomfort. Forcing me to continue normally helps me put the pain and itching further back from the foreground. No, it won’t go away but I can feel that my normal life can continue despite my itching. I guess I’ll find out if Mrs. Lion decides to become stricter.