What If I Have No Sex Drive?

I’m writing this on Saturday evening. We had a busy day running errands. We talked about teasing, but so far we haven’t had time. Now that dinner is done (We had takeout pizza.), I suppose we will try again. Mrs. Lion has been great about not pushing me. I’ve been pretty uncomfortable and my mind has been far from sex. I’m so tired by the time we get around to play that I feel overwhelmed. In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion said that regardless of how I feel, we need to resurrect my interest in having an orgasm.

You might wonder why it is important that I am horny. My next orgasm is still four days away. I’m learning that if and when I get to come isn’t what’s important. I think, for me at least, the sexual tension created by wanting to orgasm adds the spice that makes enforced chastity interesting. The simple fact that it is called “enforced” chastity implies that if not restrained, I would have orgasms. The restraint is a combination of Mrs. Lion’s power and the device she locked on me. There is no need for the power if I don’t want to come. Kinda kills the game.

I think we are both feeling that loss of excitement. The only way to restore it is for me to want that orgasm I won’t get until Mrs. Lion allows it. It’s that sexual tension that is the engine of our power exchange. This recent physical issue started me thinking about if we can keep the power exchange alive if I just don’t care about having an orgasm. Does the chastity device I’m wearing become a sad symbol of the sexual passion I once had? Will the domestic discipline become just another energy-sapping activity for both of us? Will we lose the intimacy we developed over the last two years?

It’s easy to say we those things won’t happen if we only keep trying. Perhaps that true. Mrs. Lion has no intention of stopping. What can I do if I stop getting aroused? Do I stop writing this blog? Does the Jail Bird come off and we eventually give up trying? Will we become roommates? I’m sure that this time my libido will return soon. But the larger questions are still valid. I have no answers. I wonder if you think about this too?