As you may have read, Lion and I had some Velcor fun yesterday. He wouldn’t necessarily call it fun though. It hurts a lot even though Mr. Weenie seems to love it. In all fairness, once the blood rushes in, the Velcro restraint makes it almost impossible for it to rush back out. And, since I have the magic touch, Mr. Weenie gets very aroused.

I left Lion wild from about 2 pm on yesterday. Why lock him back up if I knew we’d be playing later on? It saves me the trouble of locking and unlocking and locking again. Besides, I like having a wild Lion sometimes. When we did play again, he seemed to be less enthused. I know he always hopes for more than just a hand job. Eventually I got the ol’ Magic Wand out again. I started sucking him. I love when he gets hard in my mouth. And then I used the vibrator while I was sucking him.

Once I confirmed he really liked it, I knew he was doomed. He was having an orgasm. Not that I wasn’t going to edge him a few times beforehand. And he didn’t know he was going to have one. As far as he was concerned, he still had ten or eleven days to wait. While I’m sure he hoped for one, he wasn’t expecting one. The night before I had pushed him just a hair too far and got a ruined orgasm. He was still horny yesterday so clearly it didn’t have much effect on him. I’ve wondered for a while if I could manage the vibrator while sucking him. Now I know. I’m sure he won’t get an orgasm every time I do it, but it was fun to make him squirm last night.

Lion just reminded me that tonight is punishment night. Once again, I have been remiss in keeping track of his behavior. I know he’s been a toddler a few times, but those were times he was upset about being called a toddler. I’m going to give him “just because” swats again tonight. Just because I know I missed things. Just because he was upset with me. Just because he got upset with me when I got upset with him. Just because he grumbled about breakfast a few times. So, you, see, I was sort of paying attention. I just didn’t point things out.