I know that getting a lion-proof lock box may sound like a silly, needless precaution. It’s completely true that I have no intention of ever removing my cage without permission. Mrs. Lion thinks I am silly to want the increased security. I do understand that even without the key, I can pull out of the Jail Bird. It isn’t easy to do and will hurt if I try. It’s also true that I carry an emergency key that I could access anytime I want. But that’s not the point.  Well, at least its not my point.

Enforced chastity (emphasis mine) means that my ability to have any kind of sex is prevented physically. My abstinence in no way depends on my desire to be chaste. I wear a device that prevents me from engaging in any sexual activity involving my penis. There are times when I am not locked into it. Those times are supervised by my lioness. Is this security bulletproof? No, of course not. I have opportunities when unlocked to go into the bathroom and spill my seed. I don’t, of course. For one thing, Mrs. Lion will find out when she teases me. My interest will be noticeably lower.

The point to me, at least, is that any cheating will most likely be discovered. To assure that I will be caught, both keys to my cage are out of my direct control. Mrs. Lion’s key is now in a locked box that requires a combination only she knows. There is an emergency key for the lockbox. It is kept in another box with a tamper-evident seal. So, while I may find the emergency key, she will know if I open the box to use it. Similarly, my emergency key is in a little container on my key ring. It too has a tamper-evident seal that will immediately reveal if the container was opened.

Security to me isn’t about physically making it impossible to get my penis out of its cage. I recognize that is nearly impossible. What I want is to assure that if for some reason I decide to sneak out, I will be caught. I don’t seriously expect to ever try to let my cock out on an unauthorized adventure. But for me, knowing that there is no practical way I can get out without my lioness finding out is the ultimate enforced chastity security.

I like knowing that there are no loopholes. Even if I get terminally horny and just have to rub one out, I know that if I do that, there is no doubt my sin will be discovered. It’s that old “won’t” and “can’t” thing again.  I won’t try to sneak an orgasm, but that isn’t enough for me. I like knowing that I can’t do it without discovery. I have no idea what Mrs. Lion would do if I ever had an unauthorized penis play, but I am very sure it would be incredibly painful.

My desire to make it nearly impossible for me to remove my cage without permission is how I envision enforced chastity. It’s my kink, after all. I’m grateful to Mrs. Lion for supporting it and me.