Lioness Brand FLM

Mrs. Lion reported Thursday night’s bonus orgasm in great detail yesterday. She took me completely by surprise. I had no idea that was coming. I was sure I would be waiting eight more days. I’m not complaining, mind you, I was at my peak horniness. The fifth day is usually when I peak. Yesterday, I got an email from Mrs. Lion warning me not to buy myself anything until after my birthday. I wonder what she thought of as a present. I can’t think of anything I want right now. We’ve both been working very hard not to spend any money for so long, it feels odd to consider buying anything for myself. This will be my second birthday wearing a chastity device.

Tonight we are going to the movies again. I asked Mrs. Lion if we could see “The Martian”. She agreed and we will see it in 3D to boot. I know she isn’t overly fond of 3D, or for that matter, going to the movies. I appreciate that she is willing to do this for me. She also let me know that the idea of putting me on an allowance is still on the table. I’m not any fonder of that idea than I was when she first proposed it. Whether or not she decides to do it, she seems to be taking her increased power to heart. With her, it comes in small ways, but her note about spending on myself is brand new. I realize she probably was thinking only of my penchant to buy things I want and then leaving her bereft of opportunities to give me a gift. However, I know she would have never written,

“You should start wondering what’s happening for your birthday too. Speaking of which, you’re not allowed to buy anything for yourself till then. No gift type things. No drills or razors or anything other than the necessities.”

Yes, my lioness, I am not saying this little note means you have adopted FLM full speed. I am saying that authority is creeping in slowly but surely.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about my request for FLM. I am not submissive by nature and I am sure if I had to accept a submissive role as the FLM fantasies define it, I would go nuts and stage a rebellion. The big question in my mind was whether we would manage to do it at all. Now, it looks like it’s going to happen whether I want it or not. Like enforced chastity, we will have our own brand of FLM. It’s unclear, of course, what we will end up doing, but financial changes are in the wind. I think that I will have to ask permission to spend more than a certain amount if it isn’t for household bills. Mrs. Lion referred to my checking account as the “house account”. Was that intentional? I don’t know. It makes sense. I pay almost all of our bills out of that account. FLM has given Mrs. Lion a good way to get more involved in our family finances.

One thing I am sure won’t change much is how we make decisions about what to do for fun or eat. She hates it when I ask her to decide where to go out to eat or what to do on a weekend. She does come up with stuff, but really hates it when I say, “You decide.” I don’t believe FLM means that the wife has to make every decision. She has final approval. It’s too soon to say how things will shake out. Stay tuned for the next episode of “Life With The Lions”.


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    Lion as I read about your financial issues I would suggest that you and Mrs. Lion consider a simple system of writing the bills together and have an established amount to use as spending money to get you both to the next pay. This money is used for all incidentals including gas and food. Any money remaining may be spent on larger items you both decide on. When you are out of money you don’t spend and must budget for the pay period to get you thru till then. We have used this system for years and in just starting our FLR I believe it will continue and allow My Darling to have some money in his pocket while still being able to take us out to dinner or whatever. This is how we do our allowance starting at first as a necessity now as a lifestyle.

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