Ding, ding, ding! Bonus!

That’s what I said to Lion last night, moments after I gave him an impromptu orgasm. He didn’t expect it. It wasn’t planned. I was about to tell him he still had eight more days to wait and then I decided to keep going. When he asked why I did it, I didn’t have an answer for him. I felt like it. Because I can. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. All of the above.

The thing is, he thinks I give him bonus orgasms because he needs them. Not true at all. Sometimes I need to taste him. Sometimes his cock is so hard and straining and, yes, beautiful, that I give him one. Sometimes I just do it for no reason. I knew he’d been very horny for a few days. There was nothing exceptional about last night. He didn’t seem super horny. He didn’t seem like a breeze would make him come anyway. He did nothing to sway me. There was no reason for me to give him an orgasm. There was no reason for me not to give him an orgasm.

We started off the night with a few punishment swats because he dropped ice cubes. Not a big infraction, but I think he really wanted some punishment. I’m not saying he dropped them on purpose. But I think he mentioned it to me because he wanted to be punished. I was standing right there and saw the whole thing. I could have told him he earned punishment. When I didn’t I think he told me so that I would enforce the rule. No skin off my nose. I’ll whack him if he wants to be whacked.

After his punishment I brought out the Velcro. He hates this stuff. I only wrapped one piece around his soft cock and once it was hard I took it off. The Velcro restricts the penis and then once it is released it sends a not-so-wonderful rush of blood. He told me last night that one piece is worse than when I wrap his whole cock. I’m not sure I understand why because it still all boils down to that first piece being tight and then letting go.

When I was done with the Velcro I tied his balls tightly. As I stroke him his balls bounce up and down. Having anything tied up turns him on. There he was, red balls peeking out from the rope, bouncing up and down as he gets closer and closer to the edge. Heaven for a Lion. I did untie him before I let him come. And I tickled his balls. That used to mean I’m about to let him come, but I do it when I’m just edging him too. This time, however, it was to send him over the edge. And over the edge he went.

I love to make my Lion come.