I’m not the only one who forgets things. Lion also forgets. He said I have never told him not to buy things around his birthday. Not true. I do it when I find an idea that he might come across and buy because, in the past, he just bought whatever he wanted. Yesterday I had something pop up online that I knew was perfect for Lion. I also know that if it popped up for me online, chances are it will pop up for him. I didn’t want him to buy the same thing. So, as I have in the past, I instituted a moratorium on his buying anything that isn’t a necessity. I don’t do it often, which is why he doesn’t remember it. It has nothing to do with taking charge. It has everything to do with frustration at his buying what he wants.

There are some things, like the racing number I got for his car when he was learning to race and the personalized street sign, I knew he’d never buy. I had to go out of my way to get those. When I got him his GoPro, I was positive he was going to buy one for himself. That, and the fact that I intended for him to use it while he was racing, was why I gave him his birthday present long before his birthday one year. And there are certain things you just don’t need more than one of. I gave him the example of a razor or drill because I couldn’t very well say, “Oh, by the way, don’t buy X in the near future because it would really wreck the surprise I have for your birthday.” And if I told him not to buy anything, he’d say he’s hungry but can’t buy lunch because I told him not to buy anything. Literal Lion that he is sometimes. So I left it vague. If he needs it to survive, he can buy it.

Poor Lion has to make it a whole week to get his next orgasm and to find out what his present and birthday dinner are. I know he’ll love all three. It’s not often that I get to pat myself on the back for finding the perfect present and the perfect dinner. Doing it for someone who will appreciate it as much as Lion will is icing on the cake.