lion's excess pubic hair
As you can see, the dog isn’t the only critter who needs grooming. Mrs. Lion plans to remove the excess hair this weekend.

If the recruiter is to be believed, I only have one more day to wait to get the news on the job I have the most hope of getting. I hate to say it, but there is no plan B. It’s not the way I like to operate. Stay tuned. Today I take the dog for a bath. This will help my allergies. I’m pretty sure she will hate it. However, I will take her toy shopping afterward. That will dim the memory of all that attention from the groomers. As you can see from the image on the right, it’s been some time since my last grooming session. Mrs. Lion uses an epilator to remove most of the hair. While a bit painful, the results last longer and when the hair grows in, it’s much finer and some never comes back as you can see in the image. Sometimes she takes pity on me and teases me during the grooming session.

I want to stress that pubic hair removal is not required for enforced chastity or FLM. I’ve been hairless for decades; long before considering enforced chastity. Of course, there is an advantage to losing that hair: there isn’t any to get caught in the chastity device. It also makes staying clean a little easier. Some people associate pubic hair with power. If you have it, you have power. If you don’t, you are submissive. That might have been true in 1975, but over the last 40 years, shaved male pubes have become more fashionable. Many men groom body hair of all sorts. I do trim the underarm hair as well. Mrs. Lion keeps my butt hairless. I do tend to get very furry back there.

In the vanilla world, all this shaving and trimming has no power implications. A lot of guys think they look better without all that fur. I’ve felt that way since long before I even knew there was such a thing as D/S. People who write about enforced chastity on the various forums have endless posts about pubic hair. Oddly, almost no one mentions other body hair. In D/S, many bottoms remove all body hair as a sign of submission. This practice apparently hasn’t had wide acceptance in the enforced chastity world. Good thing. What a lot of extra work!

I think it is interesting that many, including me, see some relationship between hair and power. In my case, it isn’t a strong one. But I have always liked that Mrs. Lion has pubic hair and I don’t. It makes me feel more vulnerable. That feeling of vulnerability is one thing I like about our male chastity power exchange. Many of the things that Mrs. Lion initially feels are too much end up increasing that vulnerable feeling as well. I like that. It is exciting to me. It explains why I get that little rush when Mrs. Lion tells me I will be punished. It makes me feel vulnerable to her power. That, not the spanking, turns me on. It’s also why being groomed is exciting too.