Another Weekend Away

I’m writing this Thursday afternoon because we’ll be on the road Friday. Even if I could type and drive, it wouldn’t work very well since we lose cell service partway through our trip. We do regain it eventually, but I always find it ironic that cell service is usually more spotty exactly where you’d need it most. If you break down on a twisty mountain road or miles from any help, it would be nice to have service.

We’re heading to an area we’ve been to twice before this summer. This time there are more wild fires burning. They are quite a distance away, but if the wind blows toward us we’ll get some smoke. I’m hoping the wind behaves itself. The poor firefighters need a break.

Lion will be wild again this trip. I know he really doesn’t need to be. It does make it more convenient for him, but it’s not a necessity. I allow it because it is easier for him and maybe more comfortable. And because I can. When we get comments asking why I let him be wild, he doesn’t need to be wild, he’s putting something over on you, etc., I wonder if people think he’s really getting away with something. It was my idea. I like having him wild for trips. I have easier access. I can see that cute weenie from all angles any time I want to, without the cage in the way. I don’t have to remember the key. I don’t have to worry about unlocking him or locking him back up. It’s like a mini vacation for me too. But I do it most of all because I can. My cage, my rules.

I’m also toying with an idea. When we go anywhere, Lion has to be on the move constantly. Where can we go today? Let’s do this. Let’s do that. I may just have him sit his butt down and relax a bit. Of course I know he sits a lot all week and gets bored being home. I don’t. I’d like to not drive here or there. So maybe if he wants to go somewhere so badly, he should drive. The only time he ever drives my truck is when we’re pulling the trailer. I know it’s a big, non-sportscar vehicle and the steering is numb and it lumbers around turns, but when we’re away it’s his only source of transportation. You have to make due with what you have. (For the record, when I’m alone, I make sure it doesn’t lumber around the turns.) He asked me once why I drive so fast. I told him it’s because when we tow the trailer I can’t. I have to keep my average speed up. Silly boy. He has a sports car; he should know that answer.

So let’s review: Lion will be wild. He will not have to make breakfast, but he will have to do more of the driving, especially when he’s the one who wants to go out and about. Fair enough? Who cares? Those are the rules for this weekend.

[Lion — Mrs. Lion’s truck is a four ton monster. It has a high center of gravity and very unresponsive steering. It’s stopping distance and maneuverability around turns is what you would expect from a large truck. I know Mrs. Lion can’t flip the truck. The online stabilization system will prevent it. I drive a modern muscle car (Mustang GT)  that can take turns at high speed. I’m licensed to drive on a track (thanks to Mrs. Lion finding me the classes). I’m happy to admit that because my senses are tuned to a different platform, I may be too conservative when it comes to the truck. Nevertheless, it is more than double the weight of my car, and a lot longer. I will take on the excursions this weekend. Watch out!]

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