Back to Reality

Today we are driving four hours back home. Thankfully, Sunday was sunny and sort of warm. We took the dog to the beach and wore her out. It wore us out too. We both fell asleep watching TV again. That’s what vacations are for.

Lion has been a very good boy. He has interrupted me, but not enough to annoy me. He’s been trying very hard not to make decisions, even when I ask him to. That’s a little frustrating. I know he wants me to decide so I’m trying. The problem is that things don’t always work out the way we anticipate.

On Sunday I decided to try a road that we’d never been on before. I figured we can’t get into too much trouble since we have navigation. Lion kept hinting that I could turn around any time. He didn’t know how far I wanted to go on this road. He didn’t know where we’d wind up. It looks like a left turn up ahead that will take us back to the town we were in yesterday. Well, I figured it couldn’t possibly be too much further. We’re on a peninsula headed toward the end. The worst thing that could happen is we’d run out of road and have to turn around. In the meantime we were seeing some nice houses and scenery. And, as I like to ask him from time to time, who’s driving anyway? After a while we wound up curving around and running into the road that took us to that town. You can’t get very lost on a small peninsula.

For dinner we decided to have pizza for the third night in a row. I told you it was good pizza! This time I said we should get it to go. Even though we’ve brought the dog leftovers, she loves when she can sit between us and mooch food. I thought she’d like having us home for dinner. Well, the best laid plans…. The place was crowded and the wait was long so we decided to just eat there. Instead of waiting in the truck we could wait in the restaurant. It has Wi-Fi so we’re able to check the blog and check email. I’m not sure Lion was all that excited to take the pizza back to the trailer anyway. He thought it would get too cold. It’s a mile back to the trailer. How cold could it get? But circumstances were beyond my control.

There’s nothing worse than trying to be in control and realizing that there are some things you just can’t control. Well, there is one thing, actually. Not caring if you’re in control, still trying to be in control, and having nothing work in your favor. Does it really matter if we ate at the restaurant or took it back to the trailer? Nope. Not a bit. It was just something I thought would be good to do. Foiled again.