I May Have Answered My Own Question

My libido has been missing in action for a long time. When Lion talks about how long it’s been since he masturbated, you can probably add six months, at least, and that’s how long it’s been for me. I’ve been mostly unconcerned about it. To me, it’s just one more thing to worry about. And worry Lion does. He wonders why he doesn’t turn me on anymore. And he worries that if he doesn’t turn me on there may be someone else who does. There is no one else. Deep down he knows that, but sometimes it seems that no amount of reassurance helps. If my lack of libido doesn’t bother me, why does it bother him so much?

Last night I was thinking about his question of why I like it when he’s horny. I said it was because it’s a response he only has for me. And then I had my aha moment. Wouldn’t it be the same for me? Why am I not having that response for him? So now I understand a little better why it bothers him so much. So now I guess I have to worry about it more myself.

Of course, we still have the number one priority of getting Lion a job and getting the finances back on track. That has to take precedence over everything else. Once that is under control I can attack whatever my issues are. Doctor appointments, tests, nutritional supplements, etc. I’m not looking forward to any of it, but I owe it to Lion. He does so much for me.


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    Are you on any medication that might be affecting your libido? Antidepressants for postpartum depression killed mine. I hope you can figure out the reason for it. It’s not fun for anyone. (hugs)

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    When I asked my doctor a few years ago, she told me none of my medications should be causing it. I’m thinking if I really push the issue she may investigate further.

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      Sometimes it’s the combination of drugs as well. Birth control pills were also brutal for my libido. They truly became the ultimate BC because I never wanted to have sex. :-/ after trying several, we figured out that I just can’t handle any amount of hormone in them.

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    I love your site. Please keep it going.

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    Being locked up has to open a whole new world of thought.

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