Evolutionary FLM

We are back home after over eight hours of driving. We had a great trip. Naturally, I’m back in my chastity device. I can’t pretend it wasn’t very nice to go wild for more than a week. It was also very nice to get an orgasm Monday night. I know, I know, it was only six days, but sometimes that can feel like an eternity. I’ve been optimistic the last few days. There is no good reason for this, but it feels good to tune down the worry a bit for a while. Nothing has changed and I have absolutely no idea how we will continue to survive. For now, I am not worrying too much. Later today that will probably change. But for now, it feels almost normal again.

Maybe when things get to a point that I am unable to do anything, some defense mechanism kicks in to give me some relief from the worry and fear. It’s temporary, but really welcome. Meanwhile I keep plugging away. Eventually I will find a way out. The only question is what the cost will be.

I’m beginning to realize that changes like enforced chastity and FLM come gradually. It’s not like the fantasies at all in that respect. Like most guys, I was very impatient to have it all and have it now. It didn’t take long to realize how unrealistic that expectation is. I think on some level I felt the same way about FLM. In this case I don’t know exactly what to expect, but I expected some changes that would reveal themselves to me. That’s absolutely unrealistic.

FLM requires Mrs. Lion to make changes before I will feel them. She has to get comfortable making all sorts of decisions. The role is new to her. Her role isn’t the regal mistress who acts the role of queen. That just doesn’t work long term. I’m sure she has wondered how to establish her new persona. I’ve been reading and thinking about how this might start. It seems to me that it would make the most sense if she just begins making the small day-to-day decisions that I normally do for us. You know, what to have for dinner, when to go out, who drives, stuff like that.

If she consciously begins doing this, perhaps adding something new every day or two, over time she will build the habit of being in charge. In turn, I will have learned my role and place as well. It makes no sense at any point in FLM for her to make all the decisions. That would require her to micro manage my life. She would have no time for her own. I think she can easily identify the decisions I make for the two of us, not just for myself. That might be a good place to start. Telling me to do things instead of asking might also be helpful. But not all at once! We both have a lot to learn. At some point we will reach an equilibrium that works for both of us. Of course, she will decide what that point is.