Last night, as promised, I tied Lion to the bed and whomped his poor buns. He said he never asked to be whomped. True. He said he just wanted to be tied down. True. Be careful what you ask for.

Once he was restrained I got out my whomping sticks. I told him which ones I had and ran them across his butt. I started out with my hand then I moved on to a crop that has a leather hand-shaped head. This crop amuses me. Lion says horse people like silly crops. I think kinky people must have some input in that area too.

When I finally started hitting him with the crop, he said it hurt and started to squirm. I told him he shouldn’t move. He said it really hurt. Good. It’s supposed to. He kept squirming. He said he didn’t want it to hurt so much. I don’t remember asking him. I remember taking into account the fact that he wanted to be restrained. I remember promising to play with him. I don’t remember asking him how he wanted me to play with him or how much he wanted it to hurt. Nope. That was my decision. And I decided it should hurt a little more than usual.

I wasn’t looking to leave a mark. I just wanted him to feel it. He hasn’t really been whomped in a long time. Sure, I’ve spanked him recently, but not really very hard. A Lion needs a good, hard whomping every now and then.

Earlier in the evening he said he was horny. I should have sprung into action then. By ten he was not as horny. I managed to edge him once, but then he went soft again. When we were hunkered down for the night, he said I am very good at making him very horny. Perfect!