Our trip is drawing to a close. We will be on our way home today. Sunday was a quiet day around the campground. We took a trip into town to upload our posts and then explored the local area; then back to camp for lunch. Later, we took the dog swimming in the lake. Well, not swimming, she wades up to her chest and then sticks her head in the water and blows bubbles. The water was very warm and refreshing. I waded too.

There’s a lot to be said about being uncaged. I’ve enjoyed the feeling of freedom. Sunday night I was lying on top of the bed and commented that it felt good to be naked, then I said that I was generally naked. “Not this naked,” Mrs. Lion said pointedly. I gave her a blank look. Just as she said, “You usually wear a cage.” The light came on in my head and I nodded.

I said, “It’s really nice this way.”

She replied, “I’m sure it is but you will be back in your cage soon.”

So much for my pubic service announcement in favor of wild lions. Saturday, after our punishment/play activity I mentioned that I thought I would be tied down. She told me that could be arranged. That didn’t happen Sunday night. Maybe Mrs. Lion was giving me time to recharge my sexual battery. I’m writing this Monday morning so we can upload it when we go to town. Perhaps tonight (Monday) the camper bondage equipment will be used. I did notice that she kept the very nasty wooden spoon on her nightstand. She usually returns it to her toy bag. Monday is punishment day but I haven’t accrued any swats so far.

Mrs. Lion continues to be more assertive. She hasn’t gotten to the point of just telling me what to do, but she makes decisions when I ask for them. This is fine. I’m not sure that a working Female Led Marriage (FLM) is the dominatrix fantasy where the male is little more than a pet. For the record, I never had a fantasy like that. When I bottomed in the past, I was tied down and got sensation play. I don’t think I could manage the dictatorial “mommy” role that many men report their dominant wives take. I don’t believe their reports are accurate. That’s just fantasy.

Our model appears to be evolving into one where I remain an independent big kitty, but I am required to ask for permission when feasible. That means when Mrs. Lion is available, I must ask before doing. For example, when I wanted to take a shower last night, I asked first. Or, before dressing or undressing I also ask. I think it would be cool if she told me to undress sometimes. That might be a safe first step in more assertive domination. When we are out, she does ask me if I would like to go look at one place or another, but I hope that if there is somewhere she wants to go, that she just goes there without checking with me.

I think there is a fine line between sensible FLM and fantasy D/S scenes. Our model has to work all the time. I also think that like enforced chastity, FLM has to evolve. A year ago Mrs. Lion would have allowed me to be wild anytime I wanted. (I may be wrong about that, but it is the sense I got.) Now, I have no doubt that my input isn’t relevant as to when the cage goes back on and when it may come off again for a short time. She has taken full control of my sexuality. Neither of us question that.

If you look back at our posts during the summer of 2014, Mrs. Lion questions herself and her ability to be my keyholder. This summer she shows no such hesitation or self-questioning about chastity. She has new questions now. But like enforced chastity, it won’t be long before she owns that role too. Her style is a deliberate one where she takes very small steps. Sometimes they are too small. She generally recognizes that and the pace increases. One of the nice benefits of daily postings is the ability to look back and see where we were a year or more ago. I am very surprised at how much we have both changed. I am far less assertive and much more willing to wait until Mrs. Lion chooses to let me orgasm. Even since March, I am beginning to internalize her role as my disciplining wife. The spankings hurt just as much, but I’m better able to understand and accept that I will get them or worse if I attempt to escape. I wonder if other couples evolve this way