We had a nice day yesterday; very uneventful. I like that. After we drove to town to schedule our posts, we took the dog to the lake so she could cool off. She loves wading. Then we came back to the camper to relax. We knew there were fireworks scheduled but around here we never get our hopes up. It was actually very nice.

I promised Lion some fireworks of his own last night. He had no idea what I had in mind except an orgasm for him. I started out with some Velcro. He hates those little teeth. When I was done torturing him with the Velcro I decided that he needed his maintenance swats I hadn’t given him since I deferred his punishment swats. He started to protest but wisely thought better of it. I whomped him quite a few times. As soon as I was done he rolled over even though I hadn’t told him to. I asked him where he thought he was going. He apologized and rolled back over. He needed another round of butt chomping. He thought his buns were sore from two nights of whomping. This time I chomped very hard. I’m sure he felt it for quite a while.

As I was giving him oral attention, I asked if he wanted to know what his fireworks were going to be. He did. After his orgasm he was going to give me orgasms. A few weeks ago he wrote a post about men not wanting to reciprocate after their own orgasm. Clearly Lion does not have this problem. He was happy to give me multiple orgasms after his. However, he said he hoped his fireworks involved Lion riding. Well we were testing his theory this time around. There’s always next time for Lion riding. It’s not like he’ll be waiting very long.

I like having Lion wild for these trips. Yesterday he was sitting in a chair and I got a wonderful view. I couldn’t help but do a little fondling. I’m sure he liked it too. [Lion – I loved it!]  I couldn’t have done that with the cage on. Sometimes I make very good decisions.