More Than Baby Steps

There were more than fireworks here on July fourth. We sat on a grassy knoll and watched a surprisingly good fireworks display over the lake here. It rivaled the rather pathetic displays at home. After the fireworks, we returned to our trailer. Then the real fireworks began. Mrs. Lion said she had special plans. First, she announced that since she moved punishment night from Thursday to Friday, then logically, Saturday would be maintenance spanking day. She also reminded me that I wrote that maintenance spankings should be at the same intensity as punishments, the better to make her more comfortable administering strict punishments. So she did. Well, not quite as hard as punishment swats, but she used her heavy wooden spoon with the non-slip sandpaper coating. It really stung. She wasn’t done then. Next, she bit my butt hard enough to get an “ouch” from me. The next morning I didn’t feel the bites or spanking. I guess next time will be even more energetic.

She had me roll over and then gave me great oral sex, pausing frequently when I got close. Finally, as promised, she took me all the way. It was amazing! Next came her surprise. She rolled over onto her back and told me to give her an orgasm or three. Once more she reminded me that I wrote about this as a good way to train males to not associate their arousal with giving orgasms. Having just ejaculated, I wasn’t at all aroused while pleasing her. I still had a great time. I don’t need to be turned on to love giving her orgasms. This is also something of a record. She went from early February until June 28 without coming. Now, only six days later she wanted another orgasm. I hope this is a sign that she is more interested in sex. She seemed a bit “damp” when I started. Perhaps getting me off turns her on a little. I would love that.

This is the longest we have had a break in over a year. It certainly feels very good to escape the pressure we are under at home. Of course nothing is actually better, but we can allow ourselves to forget for a few days. There are two large wild fires burning within fifty miles of here. One of them had just started when we were driving by on one of our adventures. It was the first time I saw a giant pine tree catch fire from top to bottom in a couple of seconds. After we went shopping, on our way home, we stopped and watched helicopters scoop up giant buckets of water from a lake and then drop the water on the fire. It was frightening and fascinating. Our route home takes us right past one of them. We hope that the road will not be closed and force us to detour over a hundred miles.

Mrs. Lion has been making more decisions. They are the daily sort that I frequently make, like what to have for dinner or breakfast. I’m doing my best to ask before doing things. This may seem like small stuff to many, but for us it is a sea change. This trip helps us with it. We are away from home and our habits there. In this more neutral setting it is easier for me to establish new patterns. There is certainly progress.

One area we have discussed but not yet advanced is discipline as needed. Corrections are now based on a rather small set of behavioral rules. Mrs. Lion is getting more consistent enforcing them. A while ago she mentioned that she wanted to respond more at the time of the infraction. That’s logistically much more difficult. But as I think about it, it makes sense in that it will focus us both on the FLM when it is most needed. How this is done when we are at, say, a supermarket is unclear to me. It may require different punishments that don’t require my bare bottom, or a delay until we have privacy. In any case, I am doing my best to avoid forcing her to punish me. I know it is very difficult for her. Maybe the next step is spanking at home at the time of infraction. If I do something in pubic, we can discuss it and she can correct me later. FLM is much harder for me than enforced chastity.

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    In a past D/s relationship ( which was *almost* FLM) my Mistress/Wife used hand signals to indicate I had committed an infraction of some kind when we were in public. If I said something inappropriate, she’d touch her lip once or twice, to indicate I’d be gagged for one or two hours when we got home. Touching her hip, near her backside, meant I had spankings in store. And if she tugged on her earlobe, each tug meant an additional week of chastity (she used the ear since touching “down there” wasn’t particularly subtle). No one else had a clue about the non-verbal communication, but I sure as hell did! It would make me stop whatever I was doing almost immediately upon seeing one of these hand signals. You and Mrs. Lion could surely work out some signals of your own to use in a similar manner.

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