We had a good time visiting with Mrs. Lion’s daughter and her ex. There wasn’t a ton of stuff to do, but they enjoyed just spending time together. It’s too bad they live a continent apart. Even though more than a week has gone by, my libido is still in hiding. It’s not surprising given the seriousness of our situation. I’m annoyed that I am letting external events keep me from sexually enjoying my lioness. I know it is natural, but I don’t have to like it. Enforced chastity is no fun if I have no interest in sex anyway. After we get home later today, I expect that Mrs. Lion will lock me up again. I hope that I will be interested in sex again.

Last night Mrs. Lion noted that I am getting a bit furry down “there”. She said that if I wanted, I could grow it back. I told her that I didn’t want it to grow back. I’ve had no pubic hair for almost thirty years. I’m used to it, not to mention that a chastity device can catch those hairs and hurt. I also think it is cleaner to be hairless. Hair tends to hold scent and between showers some urine smell can develop.

One of the considerations when selecting a chastity device should always be cleanliness. Devices with solid tubes like the CB6000 or the Revenge are natural traps for urine. Many people wear them for long periods, but they have to devote considerable time in the shower to get clean. Aesthetics often get more priority than I think they deserve. Most guys starting out with enforced chastity spend a lot of time worrying over “security.” They want a device that won’t let them out no matter how hard they try. Any ball capture device like the CB6000 can be escaped. The only truly secure way to wear one is by getting a PA piercing and putting a lock through it and the cage. Of course one can always cut the lock.

Security in enforced chastity is psychological. This kink is consensual. You wanted to be locked up. Why would you try to escape? Aesthetics are all about how it looks when you wear a device. Some keyholders have a preference for one device or another. Most guys are very fussy. I think that it is important to have a device you like. For me, at least, it is more important to have one that is easy to keep clean. That’s why, after a lot of research and trial and error, I landed on the Mature Metal Jail Bird. It’s a very open design. It is very easy to keep clean. I still have to work a bit to keep the skin where the bottom of my penis is pressed against my balls odor free.

I suspect that a lot of guys give up wearing a device due to bad fit and difficulty keeping clean. It’s tough enough to surrender control of the penis without the added issues of comfort and staying clean. My advice is to do what it takes to get a device you can forget you are wearing and one that lets you stay clean and odor free.