On the Road

I’m not sleeping well again. Last night I had a dream that my former boss begged me to come back to work because, financial problems or not, she needed me. Clearly, money is an issue that is invading my sleep.

During the day, I am enjoying spending time with my daughter. She has grown up into a very smart teenager. I don’t understand the way high school works anymore. Four classes a semester? Sounds like college to me. Anyway, she has a 4.0 average and she’s got lots of friends, so she’s doing well. That’s what matters.

It was a long day, but when we got into bed last night, Lion said he was excited to try out the restraints. Not last night, of course, because we were both very tired. I asked if he was horny and he said not really, but maybe that spark is still there. Of course it is. No matter how often he refers to himself as a broken Lion, I know the horniness is still in there, just below the surface. It may be hiding behind the worry right now, but he’s not broken.

Lion is wild again this trip. It’s just easier all ways around. More comfortable, easier to pee, I don’t have to unlock him to play, etc. And he’s under constant supervision, although of course he doesn’t need to be. Lion wouldn’t cheat even if he was horny.

Today we are going to explore the area. Never know what you’ll find on a Lion adventure.