I asked for summer. I got it! It’s was 99 degrees all day Sunday. Happily, our “camper” remains a comfortable 73 degrees inside. Impressive! Saturday night my libido made a return appearance. Mrs. Lion gave me a mind-blowing oral orgasm. I was worried the equipment had a problem. I was wrong. It works when needed. I keep wondering if I have somehow adapted to enforced chastity. Maybe my arousal goes to sleep until a certain amount of time goes by; sort of an enhanced refractory period. That seems farfetched to me. If Mrs. Lion hasn’t been teasing me on a daily basis and just let me stew in my cage, then the idea of extended refractory period might be plausible. But with the very frequent stimulation, it makes less sense.

So, let’s assume that my loss of interest is either just a natural cycle or the result of external pressures. Where does that leave enforced chastity? If I don’t want sex, then my abstinence is hardly enforced. The longer one goes on with enforced chastity, the more likely this will happen. OK, it’s happened. Mrs. Lion teased me by saying that maybe the answer is just to increase my wait time. Sooner or later I will want to orgasm. In a way that makes perfect sense. It doesn’t seem right to me though.

Yes, extending the wait time assures that “enforced” stays in our equation, I wonder if that additional wait will make the reason for lack of desire worse in unintended ways. For example, if the loss of desire is caused by outside worries, will inaction make things worse? Or, by removing sexual pressure, will things be easier? Mrs. Lion told me that she wouldn’t “force” me to try to get aroused and that I could just tell her I wasn’t interested. I appreciated that choice.

After all, enforced chastity is a kink; an activity we do because we want it. It’s true that I have no choice about quitting. But quitting always meant that I would no longer wear my chastity device and that I could decide when I want to come. Not wanting to come doesn’t exactly fit into that definition. For example, I’m perfectly happy wearing the device. It’s a minor inconvenience, but since I haven’t wanted sex anyway, there is no frustration at loss of control. If, however, enforced chastity also means enforced orgasm, then it might be different.

I’m not sure that when I am just not feeling aroused, Mrs. Lion can get me hard, much less make me come. I know that many women think that men are sex machines that only require a  little stimulation to get hot. We aren’t. Last week, I wanted Mrs. Lion to succeed. I wanted her to get me hard and interested in sex. Even though I knew she wouldn’t let me come, I was very happy with the idea she could arouse me. However, it didn’t work.

Part of the reason, I think, was my mind-set. I needed to find a  way to distract myself from life and focus on a purely sexual scenario. Saturday night, the stars were aligned. I was able to get lost in the intense pleasure. Maybe I hit a biological tipping point. I don’t know. Clearly there is a lot more to orgasm control than just preventing them until desired. True orgasm control includes provoking them too. Who knew males were so complex.