A Little Encouragement

Lion hasn’t been very horny lately. I know he’s been a little worried about it. I wasn’t sure if he would be in the mood last night or not. In the back of my mind I knew it was his scheduled orgasm night, but there was no pressure since he didn’t know about it.

I caught Lion absently playing with himself last night. When I mentioned it he said it wasn’t having any effect anyway. I knew he wasn’t excited, I was just pointing it out to him. Not that there’s any penalty. It was just interesting that he was doing it without realizing it. Obviously he can only do it when he’s wild like he is while traveling.

Once we moved into the bedroom I started out by massaging his balls. He was moaning but Mr. Weenie wasn’t interested. I decided he needed oral attention. If nothing else, I figured it would feel good to him. It took a little encouragement but eventually he did respond.

It’s difficult for me to edge him orally. It’s too easy to go too far. I did get him close a few times. He was clearly enjoying himself. Since he hasn’t been horny in a while I debated whether I should give him his scheduled orgasm. Who would know better than Lion himself? So I asked. He said he’d let me know if he didn’t want to come. Well, I can’t argue with the schedule. And who cares if he hasn’t been horny? He was horny last night. So I kept going and made both of us happy.

I also decided the other day what his reward will be for doing so much work to get ready for the trip. He loves “Entourage” and the movie is out now. I don’t like “Entourage” or going to the movies. Seeing his movie is his reward.