Saturday night I gave Lion an orgasm. It was the first time he’d been horny in a while. I’m not even really sure he was horny until I started sucking him. He tells me my oral skills are quite good. I’m glad he likes it. I like doing it for him.

Now the question is where to go from here. Do we continue business as usual? I’ve said I don’t want to force him to get excited. I don’t even know if forcing him is possible. Whether it’s a cyclical problem or a worry problem, there’s an issue that can’t be solved by snapping my fingers.

When we get home I’ll ask him how his wildness affected him. Was it something he liked in general? Is it fine just for travelling? In the past I’ve used it as a reward. Does he still see it as a reward? Not the travelling part. He will continue to be wild for travel. But is it a reward if I decide on a Wednesday night that he can be wild until Thursday night? I’m not suggesting we put chastity on hold. I just want an accounting of sorts. I’m checking in.

From my point of view, Lion will remain caged, things will continue as they have been. Minus the unhorny Lion, I hope. But even if he is still not horny, we march on. Full speed ahead. Each night I will offer him attention. It might not be in the form of an edging. Maybe he just wants to snuggle. That’s fine. Maybe he’s not up for anything. That’s fine too. As long as he realized I won’t give up. I’m with him no matter what.