Last night Lion asked if playing with him turns me on. I said I like doing it. He said that wasn’t what he asked. I told him maybe a little bit. He really wants me to be turned on. I don’t spend much time thinking about it. As long as I’m happy turning him on, life is good. But I know he worries.

What if someone else turns me on? I’d be thrilled. Literally. It would mean I’m not completely hopeless. And I’d try to figure out why it happened so I can recreate it with Lion. Now, obviously, I don’t mean I’d find someone else. I mean it from a poster on the wall, hot guy on tv point of view. Unfortunately, I’ve never really been turned on by a poster on the wall or a hot guy on tv. Ever. That’s why it’s so difficult to figure out why my libido is so low right now. It would be easy if I could identify one spot Lion needs to touch or one thing he needs to say. But I can’t. It’s an internal thing, either hormonal or mental.

Lion worries he’s not sexy enough for me. Have you seen his butt? And the way the cage pushes those balls out there so I can rub them. And Mr. Weenie? Yum! I love him more than anything. He has the key to my heart and I have the key to his cage. He likes to say I’m stuck with him. Yes, I am. And I’m very happy to be stuck with him. I’m looking forward to being stuck with him for a very long time to come.