And Now For Something Completely Different

tantus silk dildo
This is the Tantus Silk dildo. It is completely smooth. This is the large. It is 1-1/2″ diameter and 7″ long.

Last night the last shred of pretending not to want something up my ass disappeared. Actually, I don’t think I pretended at all. But, for me at least, pegging took on an entirely new flavor.

Mrs. Lion let me know that the large Silk dildo would be on my Labor Day dance card. True to her word, she let me know last night was the night.

She asked me where I would like to do it. I suggested the bed would be most comfortable for us both. She agreed to try there.

I’m not at all sure where else she wanted to do it. The living room couch is too narrow and forces her to access me from the side. At any rate, she was good with the bedroom. I had asked if we could try with me on my back. I’ve read that this is the best pegging position. The writer said she could see her husband’s face and that prostate stimulation seemed best with the male on his back.

So, we put a towel on the bed and I assumed the position, knees up and bent. Mrs. Lion greased up the Silk and I could feeling it pressing on my backdoor. It wasn’t a good feeling. It never is. Her persistent pressure got in inside. She pressed a bit and I let out my breath sharply.

She asked what was wrong. I said that there may not be enough lube. So, she pulled it out almost all the way and then pressed in again. I reported that the lube situation seemed to be much improved. I barely noticed that she got it all the way in.

Mrs. Lion gently began moving it an inch or two in and out. I could feel it, but it wasn’t bothering me much. The length of her strokes gradually got longer and longer. I could feel the Silk moving in and out. She moved it right to the entrance of my anus. It felt a bit odd coming back in, but not so bad I would complain.

Then she moved faster and faster. She was really fucking me. That went on for a bit, then she slowed down. She used her other hand to start playing with my penis. To my chagrin, it didn’t take much to get me fully erect.

She masturbated me with one hand, while fucking me with the other. “How does it feel to fuck yourself?” she asked.

The question just didn’t compute. A bit later she asked again. I still didn’t make any connection. All the while she was jerking me off and fucking me at the same time. I was starting to really get into it. Then she went from her hand to her mouth. She was sucking me and fucking me at the same time!

This was completely new. Her mouth worked my cock and she used the Silk to fuck me with the same rhythm as her mouth moving up and down on my cock. This felt amazing! She stopped and once more aske me how I like fucking myself. No response from me.

She went back to work fucking and sucking. It didn’t take long until I started to come. She kept up the rhythm. I began to come. Normally, when I orgasm, my PC muscles clench and my anus tightens. With the large dildo in my ass I couldn’t do that. I came anyway, of course. It just felt odd to grab the shaft still fucking me. It was a truly excellent orgasm.

When I finished, Mrs. Lion removed the dildo. I asked what she meant when she asked me how it feels to fuck myself. She said that she was referring to me humping her mouth while she fucked my ass. I still don’t quite understand what she meant, but I admit I loved what she did. It was mind blowing. Could I learn to get aroused by anal stimulation? Maybe.

In any case, last night was truly completely different.


  1. Author

    Sounds like a great time. Maybe in our future I hope. Haven’t posted in awhile. We live in an area that was in inundated by Harvey. We lost almost everything. But we have maintained our male chastity lifestyle through it all. I am on day 14 of 15 day stretch. Mi Amor has had some awesome orgasms during this time. Our newfound lifestyle seems to take some of the sting out of this as we are a team now for sure.

    1. Author

      We’re both very sorry for your loss. It’s good you have each other. Best wishes!

      1. Author

        I’ll bet! The first time my husband fucked my ass with a dildo, it took me a week to get over it! I am a little more used to it now, but it still feels incredibly violating. Which is actually great for my mindset as it leaves me feeling contrite, submissive, and very much loved that he cares enough to push my limits. Hope you aren’t too tender down there today 🙂

        1. Author

          Not sore at all. Mrs. Lion has plugged me and gently used the same dildo in me before.

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