Return to Punishment

Lion has been a good boy for weeks. Well, at least I haven’t punished him for weeks. It’s not that he hasn’t been interrupting me or doing things that he should have been punished for. I just haven’t held him accountable for them. Yesterday was different. He added two things to his list although I said I’d count them as one. And I probably should have added a few more.

The biggest offense happened while Lion was watering one of his plants. He brought it into the kitchen and as he was returning it to the window he spilled water all over the kitchen floor. Then he spilled more water as he brought the plant back to get rid of the excess water. Not really that big a deal, but it was a mess and Lions get punished for their messes in this house. The second offense is the very soggy sponge I encountered when I went to help clean up the mess. When I grab a sponge I want it to be ready to clean up a mess. I don’t want it to create another mess. Big deal. Just squeeze it out before I use it. As far as I’m concerned it should be ready to use without squeezing and I make the rules. Since those two offenses happened together I’m willing to consider it one offense. Later on, my pet interrupted me but I didn’t include that as an offense although I should have. I did tell him that he interrupted me, as a warning.

Technically, I could have added a few more transgressions to the list. When we were out shopping, I was driving and Lion was busy on his phone. Lost in his phone is more correct. He stopped responding to me. This occurred a few times while we were out. He doesn’t appreciate when I don’t respond to him when I am on my iPad so I have made an effort to be more aware of what’s going on around me while I am playing a game. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, or Mrs. Lion and Lion in this case. When he ignores me in the future he will be punished. Fair warning, my pet.

Last night was also the return to edging. I’ve never been good at oral presentations, but Lion liked the one I gave last night. When I was done I asked what his horniness level was. He said he was going to say it wasn’t high but after my attention he was giving me a standing ovation. I then edged him a few times. I think he’s well on his way to being a horny boy again. I love it when he’s horny. He is safely locked in his cage once again although he said he didn’t even notice he was wild. I’m sure he liked the freedom of peeing standing up, but the cage is so comfortable he can’t tell when it’s on. I’m happy about that. He should be comfortable. I’d feel bad if he wasn’t. That’s why I allow him to be wild when there’s a sore spot. I’d much rather clear it up than have him squirming in pain. Administering pain is my job, not the cage’s.

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