A Lull in the Action

Since Lion’s last orgasms (two nights in a row), he hasn’t seemed particularly horny. That could be because it was two nights in a row. He’s also had a few job interviews with another one coming up on Monday. They both get his hopes up and remind him he’s been out of work for a while now. One minute he’s sure he’ll get hired soon and the next he’s sure he won’t. Each night I’ve tried to edge him and each night he gets hard but it’s pretty clear he won’t make it to the edge. Is that a problem? Not from my perspective. I did agree to edge him every night, but I can’t force him to get there. What I can do is unlock him and give him the attention. At some point he will be horny enough. In the meantime he feels my touch and knows I’m right here with him, no matter what.

I have had a wild Lion for over twelve hours. He’s had horrible spring time allergies and he’s been breaking out all over. The latest patch is just where the cock ring goes. I decided that there’s no reason, especially with a non-horny lion, that he couldn’t be wild while that patch clears up. Even if he was horny there wouldn’t be a reason. I know he won’t cheat. Last night he put the cage in the jewelry cleaner and it came out shiny as new. He can apply medicine to his rash without fear of the ring rubbing it off. And I’m sure he’ll be locked up again in no time. The main thing is that I’m taking care of my pet.

Last night was also maintenance swat night. Lion dutifully reminded me in the afternoon. It’s a little soon to know how things are going. I’ve been giving him six swats that aren’t quite punishment strength. I rubbed the rough side of the bloodwood paddle across his cheeks before I started so he’d know which paddle I had and how much it might hurt. Then I gave him the swats with the smooth side. Just a little twist to keep him guessing. I know I need to come up with more reasons to actually punish him. It’s not that he doesn’t do things. I’m just so used to letting things go. I guess that will be my next step. Watch out, Lion!