What FLR / Enforced Chastity Is NOT About

Sunday night I got a bonus orgasm. Neither of us wrote about it at the time. No real reason for omitting it. I did update my “Lion Stats” on the right column. We had a great weekend and life returned yesterday. I did the laundry and reorganized the spices. We went to IKEA and bought a nice, inexpensive storage unit that we put in our dining area. It has room for most of my spices and baking supplies as well as our most used cookbooks. The bottom of the unit has room for things that have been cluttering up our kitchen counter. While money is tight, it was a very helpful purchase. Mrs. Lion did most of the assembly Sunday night and yesterday I finished up and moved the spices in.

When I find myself at home, I try to immerse myself into some useful activity. About ten  years ago, the Food Channel was just getting started and it had some great instructional programs. PBS was rerunning some of the later Julia Child programs, particularly Julia with famous bakers. So, with the help of all those famous cooks, I taught myself baking and more fancy cooking. All that intense learning took my mind off being unemployed and made for some terrific eating.  I’m not quite that carried away this time. I just filled in with grilling and smoking plus some overdue kitchen organization.

What does this have to do with FLR or enforced chastity? Not a damn thing! That’s my point. My work around the house is not some mystical byproduct of Mrs. Lion taking charge. As a “surrendered husband” I don’t find myself needing to do housework. Cooking is a lifelong passion and has no relationship with my penis in a cage. My point is that some people like to invent definitions for what we do. Some say that surrendered husbands must wear panties and do all of the housework; essentially become housewives as a condition of the FLR relationship. Some say the same stuff applies to guys in enforced chastity.

Aside from being total bullshit, people who believe this are making a very unflattering statement about women. If women are second class citizens, making a man where her feminine undies is a way to reduce his status. Similarly, if housework is
beneath normal, red-blooded, American men, then forcing a man to do it shows his subservient status. When I wrote that I do the laundry, change the bed, and clean the bathroom, I got responses that congratulated me for being submissive. Well, no, cleaning and laundry do not make me submissive at all.

I’ve been doing that stuff forever. In our house, we have always shared chores. We never had a schedule, not that it isn’t a good idea, we did things as we saw them needing to be done. In some cases I would growl a bit about the state of floors or dust and Mrs. Lion would handle it. This had nothing to do with roles. It has everything to do with my severe allergies. Even now that Mrs. Lion rules the den, she still vacuums and does most of the stuff she did before we got into any of this. When I am working, she generally does the laundry on Sunday. I almost always clean the bathrooms (not very dusty there).

Could Mrs. Lion give me a list of chores to do? Of course! I am her surrendered husband. But she doesn’t have to in order for me to pull my weight around the house. FLR is not about “things”. It’s about power exchange. Each couple has to decide how that manifests. We are just starting to figure that out.  One thing that has definitely changed is that I am held responsible for following all my rules, trivial or not. Last night was punishment night (Mondays and Thursdays) and I had three issues on my list. I was spanked soundly to help me remember to do what I am told.