frilly male panties
At first the idea of wearing panties may be exciting. After the first week of wearing them, it loses the thrill and becomes a potent symbol of submission.

First, the news. Yesterday was my scheduled orgasm day after a nine day wait. I wasn’t very horny. The reason, I think, is that I had two ruined orgasms last week. It makes my real wait only a couple of days. Mrs. Lion was a bit under the weather. Her stomach was bothering her. So, we rescheduled for today. I hope that later I will be tied up, spanked, and given a great oral orgasm. But let’s see how Mrs. Lion is feeling.

Today, I want to talk about autopilot. This is control that doesn’t require direct effort on the part of the dominant partner. In typical BDSM, the actual domination and submission is practiced over the course of a scene. For part of an evening, the top does those nasty things to the bottom. At the end, both go back to their normal lives. FLR and enforced chastity generally extend over very long periods of time: years for most. This requires a different strategy to maintain the power exchange. That’s where autopilot enters.

The objective is for the submissive partner to feel the power of the top all of the time. Clearly, no top or keyholder has the time or energy to micromanage and supervise her male full time. One of the best things about wearing a chastity device is that it acts as a full time reminder of the keyholder’s power. Erections and sexual release are impossible. The device is locked on and at some level the male is constantly aware it is there over his favorite toy. It definitely works that way for me. I can’t forget that Mrs. Lion owns my sex life.

When more extensive power exchange is wanted, i.e.: FLR, other techniques might be helpful. Most, if not all, males who want this sort of relationship have fantasies where he is required to follow “rules”. These rules tend to be slightly humiliating requirements for him to follow at all times. If something is to be full time, like the chastity device, it has to be generally invisible, or at least explainable,  to the outside world and not prevent him from leading a normal life as far as strangers are concerned. This is surprisingly easy to do and even easier to enforce.

A few of the possibilities are: nudity when at home, wearing panties, shaved pubes and other body areas (pits, chest, ass, legs), diapers, etc. You get the idea. None of these rules require much effort for the top. All keep the bottom very focused on his role. These rules do require some work on the part of the top to have the maximum effect. At least once daily she should “inspect” him to assure he is following the rule. A quick, discreet panty check somewhere in public is excellent. Diapers, particularly when wet are easy to detect with a quick touch. The keyholder should make a point of chastity inspections at least once a day. This should include handling the cage and his balls. It’s a powerful reminder of her power.

I’ve asked for some of these from time to time. I just knew they were in my fantasies. I hadn’t taken the time to consider why I wanted, for example, to wear panties. I isn’t because I like them. I absolutely don’t. But that’s sort of the point. It’s something I wouldn’t do on my own. Just by having to wear them sends a powerful message about Mrs. Lion’s power. As a matter of fact, me in panties does nothing for her either. I am not attractive in frilly undies. In fact, all of these rules are unlikely to do anything for the top. Surprisingly, after a short initial period of excitement, the bottom will stop liking it too. That’s when the rules are working. They rub his nose in the fact that he has no control. That’s the point of what we are doing, after all.


  1. Author

    Yes, this is decidedly familiar. I’m a major rules perv for similar reasons. And, as I told Jalan early on, “It’s not submission if I’d be doing it anyway.”

    Not strictly true, but a useful rule of thumb.

    1. Author

      I like how you put that.

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