Plans for Today

I told Lion the other night that he’d get a nice spanking today. One that he might need to be tied down for. As if he ever needs a reason to be tied down. That’s a treat all unto itself for him. And he wouldn’t really need to be tied down if I do the spanking correctly. But, like I said, tying him down is an added treat.

He hasn’t had a nice long play session in a while. I’ve been too busy and tired. Without my second job I can be a lioness of leisure on the weekends. That probably means Lion will get a lot more attention. Good and bad. I can also pay more attention to his mistakes which will then be added to his punishment list. Uh oh. Poor Lion. But I’m sure he’ll be happier too. He likes being the center of my attention, no matter what kind of attention it is.

I think we can both benefit from the added distraction of a long play session. There’s been too much bad stuff happening. It would be easy to get dragged down. Playing is a good way to keep us involved with each other. We are normally the center of each other’s world, but no more so than when I’m whomping on his butt or pegging him. It’s just me and my Lion. And by the end of the night he’ll receive his orgasm. He hasn’t been too horny lately. I’m sure that will change. He’s never said no after a good whomping, especially when he’s been restrained.