As you read in Lion’s post this morning, he didn’t have his scheduled orgasm last night. After dinner I wasn’t feeling well and he just wasn’t that horny. I’m sure he would have been hornier when I got through with his spanking, but he wanted to wait until I could enjoy myself too. Not that I enjoy myself when I spank him. But enjoy giving him a blow job.

This morning I was thinking about the delay in his orgasm and suddenly it occurred to me that if he didn’t have a scheduled date I can adjust for his horniness level. Duh! I hadn’t thought of that before. So what if I think he should have an orgasm on the third Thursday in August. If he’s not horny on that day he won’t have one. No harm no foul. He’d never know I wanted him to have one. On the other hand, if I want to share that with him to let him know what he missed then I can do that too. Aw, too bad, Lion. Tonight was orgasm night but *insert reason* so now you don’t get one.

I’m sure there will be times, like last night, that he won’t really care if it gets delayed. Other times he will. That’s the chance he took when he asked me to lock him up, be in power, and lead the sexual relationship. Silly boy.

I wish I had more conviction than I sound like I have. This is one of those times that I’m talking a good game. This aha moment came to me just a few minutes ago so I’m all full of confidence. When I actually put it into practice I will be a bundle of nerves. Not that Lion won’t go along with it, but that I can pull it off. It’s very easy for me to be nice to him. It still bothers me to be mean to him even if it’s what he wants.

Even something as simple as touching his balls on a daily basis seems strange. Not that I don’t want to touch them. I do that all the time. I’m just more likely to touch his buns than his balls. I can see how touching his balls would have more significance from a chastity point of view, but I don’t see why touching his buns doesn’t have the same effect. Is it just the proximity to Mr. Weenie? His buns are just as much mine as his cock and balls are. Oh, well. Something else I don’t understand, but I’ll do it because he wants it.

So this afternoon, we both forgot we have plans tonight, I will tie him to the bed and give him his spanking. And then, after he’s all nice and rosy cheeked I will give him one of my patented Lioness blow jobs. And we will enter the realm of non-scheduled orgasms.