The other day, Mrs. Lion wrote a post about what I need. She mentioned that I am going through a difficult time. That’s true. My interest in sex and most other things is quite low. I realize that this is classic depression, no doubt brought on by losing my job. Economic worries as well as the difficulties of finding another job weigh on me. I never seriously considered suspending my chastity or Mrs. Lion’s authority during this hard time. Mrs. Lion suggested in her post that perhaps it would help me if she put more emphasis on control and punishment.

When I first read that, I can’t say that the idea immediately resonated with me. After all, nothing is turning me on right now. My sense of humor is also not very active. So, what would help lift me out of this dreary interior landscape? Would some simple spankings do it? Would new rules and funishments (thank you Naga) help? Do I need persistent teasing? Or, should I just be left alone to stew?

It’s amazing that Mrs. Lion loves me so much that she is willing to look for ways to help. I don’t wallow in my own misery. I tend to feel bad for a short while and then just get on with things. That doesn’t mean I’m unaffected. It just means that I can be fully functional, if not happy. I cant say that I crave more control and punishment. I suspect I will like the punishment even less than I normally do. But maybe Mrs. Lion is on to something. I can think of two good reasons why this might be an ideal time. First, some serious attention from her would be a major distraction from the negative recent event. I could certainly use that.

The second reason may be off the wall: If we can continue our enforced chastity / domestic discipline during hard times, then it means we have fully integrated these activities into our lives. Our enforced chastity and domestic discipline is carried on regardless of what else is going on. By extension, we are maintaining our commitment to emphasizing sex regardless of other issues in our lives. This reason is critical to me. In the past, we let life intrude to the point that sex became almost irrelevant. I know there were reasons for this; issues we both have. But when we adopted enforced chastity we agreed to always keep sex as a priority. For over a year now, we have religiously kept our agreement.

Right now sex isn’t very interesting to me. Normally, it’s not very interesting to Mrs. Lion. This is a very good time to forget about all the stuff we have been doing for the last  year. It’s not easy for Mrs. Lion and right now I am not all that interested. Perfect time to give up, right? Yeah, it is. So, when Mrs. Lion suggested ramping things up I was really surprised. That is a big risk for her. She doesn’t know how I will react. I don’t either. But here’s what I think:

I think it may be difficult for me at first. But, if she persists, we have a good chance of moving things to a new level and lifting my spirits. This is particularly challenging for her. This is a case where enforced chastity / domestic discipline moves from play to part of real life. What surprises me is that even though we started all this to satisfy my kink, it has taken on a life of its own. I don’t know where this new aspect is going. Will Mrs. Lion be able to do this? Will I be able to handle it even though other, more important life issues are intruding? I don’t know. Stay tuned and we’ll both learn.