Yesterday was punishment day. I forgot. My phone reminded me at 8 pm. Up to that point Lion hadn’t said anything about it so I didn’t either. Our agreement is that he remind me on punishment day before 8:30 pm. It’s just a random time. Late enough that we should be done with dinner and settled in. Early enough that it won’t interfere with play time which we usually do around 10 pm.

At 8:36 I asked Lion if he had any punishments on his list. He said he didn’t. I asked if he was sure. I thought asking him about the list would help him realize his mistake. He then asked what time it was. Oops! When I told him he now had one punishment on the list he started to protest. He had forgotten, was his excuse. Yeah. Sure. When I forgot just last week he accused me of not making it a priority. Of not making him a priority. Now he had forgotten. Is he guilty of not making himself a priority? If he hadn’t made such a big deal about my forgetting he might have gotten off easier. I may forget a lot of things, but I don’t forget when someone makes me feel bad. He got six very hard swats with the rough side of the bloodwood paddle. He told me afterwards that I’ve gotten very good at punishing him. Keep that in mind for next time, my pet.

Last night was also play night. I edged Lion a few times and then gave him another ruined orgasm. When he was securely locked up again he said he hates ruined orgasms. He said he knows it doesn’t matter if he likes them or not because I’ll do what I want to do anyway. He just wanted me to know. Well, yes. My mission is to give him a ruined orgasm every other day until his next orgasm. He has two ruined orgasms left to endure. I do care if he likes them or not. It’s duly noted. Will I ever give him another ruined orgasm when we’re done with the experiment? Probably at some point I will. I won’t rule it out. I wasn’t doing them because I thought he liked them. I wasn’t doing them because I thought he hated them. I needed to prove to myself that I can do one when I want to do one. Practice makes perfect. After two more I know I won’t be perfect but I know I’ve proved to myself that I can do them when I want to and not just by accident.