Enforced chastity can be a game that is played over short periods of time. I suspect that most people play this way. But it can also be part of a couple’s lifestyle. That is our situation. We started because I have long had fantasies of being locked in a chastity device. I had years to refine these fantasies into an exciting mind movie. Real life enforced chastity, it unsurprisingly turns out, has very little in common with my movie.  In some ways it’s less exciting. In all ways real life is way better.

One thing that most bottoms, including me, want are new experiences. But if we are  practicing full-time enforced chastity, it’s unreasonable to expect Mrs. Lion to come up with endless new ways to torture me. She worries that I will become bored if she doesn’t keep coming up with new stuff. I won’t. I think I know how to prevent this from happening.

While it is always fun to try something new, the real kick for me is hearing Mrs. Lion acknowledge my condition (being locked) and my helplessness. Words, in my case, have a very big impact. I think, for me at least, words are as powerful as actions. The key to enforced chastity isn’t the hardware; it’s the surrender of sexual control. Mrs. Lion owns my orgasms regardless of whether or not my penis is locked up. The key is control, not toys.

The same thing is true of domestic discipline / WLM. It’s about control, not punishment. Of course, to be fair, my fantasies always include spanking and other forms of punishment. But that is how my fantasies play. I hope that will be part of our experiment in domestic discipline, but I am very sure that over time, punishment will have a place in our relationship, but it will be reserved for situations where I need correction.

We don’t know yet what will need correction. Critical thinking about my behavior is not something Mrs. Lion normally does. Nor, for that matter, do I. But in the context of our new wife-led marriage, both of us will have to learn. Mrs. Lion is a very fast learner. Monday, I changed the bed and put a new comforter on it. I did it because it needed to be done. I had a dinner meeting. When I came home, I found a “Good Lion” coupon for an extra non-orgasmic play session as a reward. That meant a lot to me.

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    Your post is very helpful to me. About 8 months ago I mentioned to my girlfriend the possibility of being locked in. After that I didn’t think of it much more. A couple of months later she started that matter again because she didn’t want me to masturbate without her being around. I’m about to be locked into Jail Bird in a few weeks. She’s in control already but being kept from any uncontrolled erection will be totally new to me. Your post gives me an idea what it will be like.

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