Helping the Wait

Lion had a night out with friends last night. He hasn’t done that in a long time. I was home alone with the dog. The other day I said I needed some time to myself. I also said I’d probably be bored. Well, I wasn’t bored, but I did miss Lion. It’s funny how you can take something for granted. Lion is always home. I am always home. If we aren’t home, we are either at work or out together somewhere. When one of us isn’t home, we miss each other. Lion did have fun, but he missed me too. I know. You’re thinking that’s so sweet you’ll just lapse into a sugar coma. Well it is sweet. Lion is sweet.

He reminded me early in the day it was punishment day so he’s off the hook for that. And he changed the bed and washed the sheets. That little trick earned him a Good Lion coupon for an extra play session of his choice. There was nothing on his punishment list so his buns weren’t toasted last night. I told him I could give him a swat because he hadn’t earned any. He said I could if I wanted to. Of course I could. But I was just teasing him. If anything, it’s my fault he didn’t have anything on the list. I must not have been paying attention.

Lion said last night that he thinks the ruined orgasms are helping him endure his sixteen day wait. If that’s true then he won’t mind the few waits coming up that are longer. All I have to do is give him the occasional ruined orgasm and he can breeze right through a month. Or more. I think Lion’s heart just skipped a beat. Well, I won’t make him wait a month. I don’t remember what the longest wait is but it’s not a month. Relax, my pet. Actually, I miss having him tell me how horny he is. Eight more days until the ruined orgasm experiment is over. We can make it, Lion.