Wild, Free-Range Lion Again

In my ongoing effort to get a great fit for my Jail Bird chastity device, I ordered a base ring 1/8″ smaller in diameter. It arrived last week and I began wearing it. By the weekend it was clear this new ring was hurting me. I was getting irritated. Mrs. Lion and I decided we should wait a bit to see if I just had to get used to the new ring. By Tuesday night it was clear that things were not getting better, so I switched back to my old, larger ring. I contacted Mature Metal and asked if they could remake a ring to be 1 11/16″, which is 1/16″ smaller than my larger, comfortable ring. They said they would. Mrs. Lion agreed that I could go wild again while the new ring was being made. So here I am, bare-assed and wild writing my post. I felt comfortable in my cage after a ten day hiatus. I’m sorry to be out of it again. Clearly, I’ve adapted to captivity.

I read an interesting post from a dominant woman who is wrestling with discipline. She, like Mrs. Lion had her male ask her to take charge in their relationship. In her case, he wanted her to take complete control. In that respect it is different from our relationship. But the general concerns are like ours. How does Mrs. Lion punish me? There are a few models out there. As the blogger pointed out, domestic discipline has been around a long time. Domestic discipline is when one spouse, usually the wife, uses physical punishment to help her husband correct specific issues like drinking. The punishment is  normally severe spankings that result in the husband in tears and feeling the results for days.

The blogger, in my opinion, correctly concluded that this type of punishment isn’t really viable in her relationship. From my reading over the years, people who engage in domestic discipline come from families where corporeal punishment is the norm and very severe spankings are experienced from childhood. Neither Mrs. Lion nor I has such a past.

Of course, there are other punishments available other than spanking. Corner time, chores, and lost privileges are a few I can think of offhand. All are certainly valid for Mrs. Lion to use. She knows I find spanking exciting. I like the way it makes me feel totally vulnerable and at her mercy. I really hate it while it is happening. I try to escape. But I think we both have agreed it is our preferred mode of discipline.

There are some problems. What constitutes an offense? Some offenses are reasons for a relatively mild spanking, like dropping food or my napkin, or eating before Mrs. Lion. I am unaware of what would require more severe punishment. But I think that there should be some more serious offenses. Our mild spankings take place in the bedroom. I lie on the bed face down and Mrs. Lion administers her swats. She doesn’t restrain me and that makes it very difficult for her to get through a set without me turning over or otherwise stopping her. I don’t want to do that, but I can’t help myself. She doesn’t seem to want to sit on me, straddle my back facing my feet. That would keep me still. If we ever get to the more severe punishment, I suspect that we will need to retire to our “playroom”. She can restrain me to the spanking bench, stuff a towel in my mouth and administer my spanking.

We are a long way from that sort of scene. I think that consistent and timely enforcement of our current rules plus any new ideas will do the trick. To be effective for me, I think that punishment needs to be a sure thing if I break a rule. Ideally, it should be administered immediately after the infraction, or as close to it as possible.

This isn’t homework for Mrs. Lion. She has her hands full dealing with me already. One of the downsides of my writing here is that Mrs. Lion interprets posts like this as my saying she isn’t doing enough. She is doing plenty. I am not asking for her to adopt a discipline policy now. Instead, I hope this represents a possible direction we can take. If we don’t take it, I will be a happy camper. My point with this post is to illustrate what goes on in my head and what I imagine I would like. But I truly don’t want it if it doesn’t work for Mrs. Lion. She needs to be comfortable and happy. By the way, Mrs. Lion, you are scheduled for a nice orgasm tonight. Yummy!