I Cashed In An Orgasm Coupon

Last night I presented Mrs. Lion with one of her “orgasm” coupons. I did it partly because she had mentioned that she gave them to me to use them and mostly because I was really horny. The coupon said I could have an orgasm any way I want — handjob, orally, or lion riding — I told her she could decide. The evening kept wearing on and she remained rooted behind her iPad. She caught me looking at her questioningly and she raised her eyebrows and said, “Today isn’t over until midnight,” and went back to her game.

I didn’t have to wait much longer. She edged me a few times and slapped my balls quite roughly. She said, “You didn’t expect to get off without something, did you?”

No I didn’t. When she was done edging me, she applied some silicone lube and rode me to orgasm. It was great! I’m learning to love coupons!

We also discussed what would happen to my wait. I stupidly (because I hadn’t come yet) suggested that instead of starting the wait over again, she could just start the next wait. Since I have no idea how long that will be, using a coupon is more of a dangerous gamble. She came up with a few cases where that wouldn’t work, but also said she liked the idea. So she left it saying she would decide whether to start my wait again (which is what she did last night) or begin the next one.

So, I am back to waiting another nine days. But I had a wonderful time being ridden to orgasm. I also only have to wait until tomorrow to give Mrs. Lion her next orgasm. Yummy!


  1. Author

    Please forgive me, but I chuckled when you said that you’d have to wait for 9 days for another orgasm. I would never cast any aspersions on how anyone else lives in their lifestyle, so please know that this is not my intent. Being a human being however, and since we humans can’t help but compare … I compare your ability to be allowed to orgasm every 9 days or so to the 4 I was allowed have last year. I’m not complaining mind you. Not at all. I am allowed a ruined orgasm every 4-6 weeks or so, and i am thankful so very much for those. In fact, given a choice, I have often been know to beg Mistress not to make/let me orgasm fully, but rather to limit it to a ruined orgasm in order to help me maintain the proper chemical balance in my body to allow for my constant state of desire for her.

    I love your blog love hearing from both you and Mrs. Lion about your wonderful life together.

    1. Author

      Different strokes as they say. For me, at least, 9 days feels like a long time. I know that Mrs.Lion has threatened that I will have some 20+ day waits too. Neither of us wants very long waits; just long enough so I know who’s boss.

      1. Author

        We are only 6 months into our chastity game. I’m used to cumming often. No device yet. We only have me hold in my orgasm every so often. My longest time has been 4 days. Seems like a long time for me. I get extremely horny after just two days since I’m used to being able to whenever I want, which was often. It depends on the person and what seems long to them. We’ve talked about getting me used to going a week and longer. She prefers me to get overwhelmingly horny in a short amount of time. It works for us. We just have fun with it.

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