Let’s Get Real

Whose idea was all this?


Enforced male chastity, chastity devices, edging, etc., etc.

Hint: It wasn’t a woman. We males invented it all. If you think about it, enforced male chastity offers no particular benefit to a woman. I know, the standard male list of benefits includes stuff like being sure he doesn’t cheat, keeping him from masturbating, etc.


If your partner has to put your dick in a cage to feel that you aren’t going to run around fucking other women behind her back, she isn’t going to want to be your partner. Women and men need to trust their partners. I don’t think that many women think about whether or not their partners jerk off. If you are ready and able to perform with her, then she almost certainly doesn’t think about what your hands are doing down there. In fact, after I was locked up I happened to mention to Mrs. Lion that I won’t be able to masturbate any more. She looked surprised, “You did that?”

“Yes, at least weekly.” She was surprised. Then, the next time she unlocked me she had me masturbate while she watched. I asked her why she did that.

She replied, “I just wanted to see how you do it.”

That was the last time I jerked off. Apparently one demonstration was enough.  I have been locked up since and she has made it clear that she and only she has the right to make me come. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t all that concerned whether I jerked off or not, but she understood that my desire for enforced chastity included stopping any masturbation.

Let’s get real.

Men care about whether or not they masturbate. Most women don’t give it a thought. The two stated premises for locking up a dick is to prevent jerking off or sex with others. Mrs. Lion would be a very unhappy lioness if she thought I needed my Jail Bird to keep me out of other lioness’ pussies.

All this is why it is very hard to find a single case where a woman introduced enforced chastity to a man who had previously never heard of it. I introduced it to Mrs. Lion. There are a lot of posts here that chronicle our efforts to incorporate enforced male chastity into our lives. Most of the work was done by Mrs. Lion who went to the trouble because she understands how important this is to me, not to do anything in particular to improve her life.

I get mail from guys interested in being caged asking how to get their wives to lock them up. They complain that they carefully explained the benefits to their wives; all without results. What a shock. They are terribly surprised that it wasn’t obvious from the beginning that any marriage will benefit if the man loses control of his cock.

It’s very obvious to me that enforced male chastity is a male invention for the benefit of men. Some of us find having our cocks locked up to be perversely sexy. And for me, at least, it certainly is. Probably the only valid reason to give her to lock you up is that if she puts your weenie in a cage, she would make you very happy. It will, won’t it?


  1. Author

    All through your post I kept thinking that there is one real benefit that you were skipping, one that seemed so obvious – and then the very last sentence. They can have the benefit of making the man happy, and that makes us more agreeable.

    The question still lingers though: WHY does it make me happy? Why does it matter so much? I think that there are many, many different reasons for why being locked is so important and so enjoyable. I am still exploring that reasons of why.

    1. Author

      Me too. I am reconciled to never finding out. It works for me. That’s enough.

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