Last night as I was stroking Mr. Weenie, Lion winced. I asked him what was wrong and he said I was rubbing the head of his cock too much. I know it can get sensitive but I didn’t really think I was touching it. I asked him how he can stand a blow job. There’s no way I’m not touching the head then. He said sometimes I am a little too rough then too. It might have been part of the reason he was not into things the night before. Hmmm. Mr. Whip-me-beat-me-tie-me-up thinks I’m too rough sometimes. Interesting. I just assumed there were times that he was wimpier than others.

I know males and females are different, but technically the parts are similar. They are just configured differently. Think that’s too simple? Lion’s sports car and my truck are different, but the parts are similar. They both have four wheels, brakes, fuel systems, etc. His is geared to go fast and mine is geared to haul our camper. Testicles are similar to ovaries. Penises are similar to clitorises. They are just geared for different purposes. I know when someone rubs or licks my clitoris too vigorously it can hurt. It stands to reason the same would be true of a penis. After a few orgasms my clit is very sensitive. It probably feels the same as the head of Lion’s cock after he’s come. He doesn’t want anyone touching it.

I never thought he’d tell me I was too rough. Especially when I started out by swatting his butt lighter than a fly landing on it. Live and learn. That’s what our journey is all about.