Lions Tweet As Well As Roar

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The Lion has joined twitter. Why not follow him and have some fun.

Since the world seems to be moving faster and faster, I decided to take a shot at Twitter. So, yours truly and this blog have been dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century (blogs are so last century, ya know). It’s still sort of a mystery to me, but be patient, I’ll learn. You will see a Twitter symbol after each post and page. Click that and you can tweet the post or page. To your right, you will see we have a new option for following us. You can now follow my tweets (lucky you!). If Mrs. Lion decides to tweet too, you will be able to follow her. If you scroll down further, you can see tweets I sent as well as tweets in a hash tag or two as well.

I was disappointed by the #malechastity hash tag. Most of the tweets are massively inane or are ads by people who want to pretend to be mistresses and charge you to hold your key. I did create #chastityjournal. You are welcome to use these tags if you want. So what does that have to do with enforced male chastity? Not a damn thing. What it does have to do with is making it easier to have two way communications. So, if you want to join in, please use the #chastityjournal hash tag and tweet away.

It’s been quiet around here. I am writing this Friday night right after dinner. Mrs. Lion posted that she will try to get me to the edge tonight. Last night I was simply too tired to really get into it. At least, that’s what it seemed to be. Stay tuned. We’ll see what comes up tonight.

I got the eagerly awaited email from Mature Metal. They mailed my cage and new rings back today. That means with any luck, I will have them by Tuesday. Mrs. Lion will be able to lock me up again. I can’t say that I mind being wild. It’s been over a week that I have been running around cage free. Peeing is a lot less complicated and it is fun to get hard without supervision. I’ve been good and haven’t masturbated. But, you know, I miss being locked up. While I can’t say why, being in that cage has improved our relationship. I also like all the supervision and stimulation I get from Mrs. Lion.

It’s good that the weekend is here. We can catch up on sleep and chores. Maybe Mrs. Lion will be in the mood to play as well. If you feel inclined, why not tweet to #chastityjournal? You will see your tweet in our listing at the bottom of the right column. I’ll answer if you ask me a question. Have fun!