I’ve been so tired lately and yesterday was no exception. However, for some reason I was less tired when I got home than I had been earlier in the day. Maybe I got a second or third wind. It was Lion’s play day so I decided he needed a blow job. Or at least as much of one as he could have without actually coming. He still has over a week to wait for his next orgasm.

He did get hard and seemed to be enjoying himself, but he never seemed to get close. And I swear I was giving him some of my best stuff! Teasing the tip, long slow sucks and then faster sucks. I kept alternating to get him more excited. Nothing. He was enjoying himself. He never got soft. He just never got near the edge. Oh well. He asked for a raincheck for tonight. Unless something sways me in another direction I’ll give him a raincheck. Maybe tonight he will be hornier.

I don’t think I could ever punish him for not performing. And that’s what I consider denying him because he can’t do something on a given day. Things happen. Everyone has off days. Sometimes you don’t feel well. Sometimes you’re not horny. It’s not like he’s doing it on purpose. Why wouldn’t I give him a raincheck? I know it’s well within my power to deny him. I try to use my powers for good. I am Lion’s super hero. Wonder Lioness! My symbol is the lock and key.

Anyway, tonight we’ll try again. Sooner or later I’ll get him to the edge.