Here’s my problem. Well, one of them anyway. How do I keep our chastity life from getting boring? It seems like I’m doing the same things over and over again. Not that I want to do something new every time. I just want to keep it interesting for Lion. You know, if Tuesday is taco night every week you’ll get pretty tired of tacos after a while. Or not. I guess if you really like tacos you could eat them every Tuesday without a problem.

I run into this same problem with dinner or breakfast. It’s one of the reasons I made Lion responsible for breakfast on the weekend. But now he’s fallen into the habit of making the same breakfast every weekend. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut.

I’m not even sure Lion is bored. Maybe it’s just me worrying. I know he’s happy with whatever attention I give him and he rarely says anything. I do vary the way I do things. Pegging is not always with the same implement. When I play with his balls I use clothes pins, rope, my hands, etc. Spanking is mostly by hand but I do use paddles, spoons and floggers. Even a blow job isn’t always the same old blow job each time.

Every time I try to plan what I’ll do with him it feels like I am planning dinner. Spanking, pegging or teasing. Chicken, beef or pork. Potatoes, pasta or rice. Green beans, peas or corn. And why don’t we all just lapse into a coma. I’d like to blame it on my recent lack of sleep but I’ve been noticing this for a long time. How do you spice up an already spicy sex life?

I know there are lots of other things out there to try. We’ve tried some that we don’t want to do again. And there are some that we know we don’t want to try. I used to say I’d try anything once and twice if I liked it the first time. Since I met Lion I am soooooo much more careful with that statement. It usually comes with a lot of caveats now.

Of course, if Lion is happy with taco Tuesdays then we’ll carry on. I’m just worried I’m boring him.

[Lion — I’m not bored at all! I will do better on weekends.]


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    Lion is a very lucky pup he has 1 in a million!

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      I sure am! And I know it.

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