Several days ago I started taking Prevagen to see if I could improve my brain function. Ironically, that’s about the time I started having headaches and a foggier brain. Headache is one of the side effects so I didn’t take it this morning. I’m hoping the headache and fog wear off today. I certainly don’t need any help having trouble thinking.

Yesterday, Lion told me I need to stand my ground. If I want him to have an orgasm, he should have an orgasm. He doesn’t want to influence me. I think that ship has sailed. How can he not influence me? Everything from what’s for breakfast (he wanted English muffins and I wanted bagels) to when he should have an orgasm (he thinks he should wait). But the hardest part right now is the brain fog and headache. I just don’t care what we have for breakfast or when he has an orgasm. Concepts more involved than where I parked the car are not something I want to deal with right now. Should he be spanked for asking for the cage to be put on? Fog. Do I want fries with that? Fog. We didn’t play last night because of my head. I’m determined to play tonight regardless of what it feels like.

Lion was complaining (not annoyingly) that he was itchy near the cage. I’ll have to unlock him before he takes a shower so he can make sure to clean under it. And then I’ll leave it off till we play. Yes, I trust him. I’m sure he can make it a few hours without the cage. If I have to put it back on after the shower, it will stay on until tomorrow. That’s the deal. Take it or leave it.

We haven’t been using the Box O’Fun. When we play, we’ve been coming up with our own ideas of what to do. This is fine. This is great, actually. As long as we keep going with it, we don’t need the box. It’s just there to make sure we don’t stall out. Sometimes doing the same things over and over can get boring. Yes, I said I get bored sometimes. That’s what I meant all those years ago when I said things could get boring. Tie up the balls, clothespins, tie up the balls, butt plug, tie up the balls, clothespins. Boring. When we leave it to chance, there’s an element of danger. Oh no, will he get Icy Hot this time? Come on butt plug!! Damn! Tiny clothespins. Also, by asking Lion if he has a preference, I’m allowing him to avoid something he’s really not in the mood for. Is he ever in the mood for Icy Hot? Maybe not, but I’m sure there are times he’s more open to it.

The key to all of this is to have fun. If we don’t change it up from time to time, it can get to be less fun. Dare I say, boring? Lion’s already said he’s bored with handjobs. That was a blanket statement. I’m sure if I threw one in every once in a while he’d be fine with it. Soon he may tire of blow jobs. I try to keep them interesting. A little extra pressure there. Maybe a little more suction. Slower strokes. I like to try to perfect my technique. I’m sure Lion appreciates it. [Lion — I do!!!]


  1. I get the icy hot thing!! My Queen always takes off the cage when she applies it. Angus always gets erect as she applies it and then it starts to work. Earlier this summer she applied it through the cage. She put on a copious amount. Then we went for a 10 km (6 miles) walk. I found the effects lasted longer because the cage stopped my clothing from wiping it off and the extra stuff in the cage helped to “reapply” it as we walked. I felt the effects for about an hour. Usually the effects are fairly strong for about 10 minutes before they start to diminish. And usually they only last maybe 20-25 minutes.

    1. Author

      I hadn’t thought about applying it through the cage. Excellent idea!

      1. My Queen has only done that once. But she slathered it on heavily and it seemed my penis made contact with this extra icy hot cream for quite a while on our walk. Further to that, while we were walking she spoke to me about fantasies and things she wanted to do with me. This caused Angus to expand within the cage and thus get re-exposed to the icy hot. As I say she normally removes the cage to apply it. Then she effectively masturbates me using icy hot as a thick coating of lube. Angus stands tall and then starts to feel the heat. At that point I want to move. Standing still isn’t an option when that stuff kicks in.

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