I have created a monster. A coupon monster. Last night Lion came bounding toward me waving a love coupon. It was for a weekend breakfast of his choice made by me. Now, suddenly, he has decided it’s okay to use his coupons. He says he finally figured out that I want him to. Duh! What have I been saying for the past few months? How many posts have been devoted to them? He should use them. He shouldn’t use them. I should take them back. I shouldn’t take them back. Around and around we go. For now the merry-go-round has stopped at using them.

I’m not complaining. I’m actually relieved. Even though I had to get up on a weekend and make him homemade waffles, I’m glad he’s finally using them. Yay! Score one for Mrs. Lion. I don’t even remember how many he has anymore. When I said he should be careful because he only has a certain number of them, he said maybe he’s trying to use them all up. Silly boy, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. He’ll probably get more. Plus I can give him Good Lion coupons too. I’ve only given him one of those. I should probably do it more often. And the Bad Lion coupons. I should definitely do those more often.

Lion has been wild again for the past few days since he sent the Jail Bird back. The other night I was debating whether I should give him a bonus orgasm so he wasn’t so horny while wild. Not that I’m worried about him cheating, but why put that pressure on him? As I was sucking him I was also debating whether I could give him a ruined orgasm on purpose. I know I can do it by accident. My thought was that if I just tried to edge him and kept going a few much seconds I could probably do it. But then I could also go too far and give him a full orgasm. Since I had decided I didn’t want to do the bonus orgasm I didn’t want to try for the ruined orgasm. At some point I will try it. I just need to be in the correct mindset. I’m usually upset at myself that I’ve gone too far with edging and done one by mistake. I need to give myself permission to try to do it on purpose and accept whatever the outcome is. I guess it’s sort of like Lion deciding it’s okay to use his coupons.